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  • Oktoberfest in Munich is right at it’s peak now: the first barrel was ceremonially opened and even already forgotten after a huge amount of taken beer, specially produced for the world’s largest festival; beermakers have made their traditional procession with the loud orchestras and beautiful horses through the city towards the Theresa’s meadow, where an event is held; and up to six millions tourists, who arrive in Munich every year at this dates, are happily watching all this, taking photos and drinking beer.

    So Munich today is a center for everything crazily funny and interesting. And will remain like that till the 4th of October. But who was the first? Who who was the first to put on dirndl and loudly (without beer but with an amazing company) celebrate the beginning of the “fifth season in a year”, as locals call Oktoberfest? Ta-daaam, this person is right in front of you! And I’m going to show you everything:) 

  • Sorry, dears, for being so late with the final trend shooted with Calipso – shoes and accessories brand. This one is one of my favorites, because it can be so different and there is no reason to stop experimenting with it. I’m talking about Japanese style. Brands like The Row or Marni are all about tradition kimono or at leas adding long wide belt to a modern clothes this season. But mostly designers do look for an inspiration not in a history, but in a modern Japan with its outstanding street style and culture.

  • And no, my recent trip to Spain is not the only reason to have this trend here today:) Many designers were really inspired by Spain vibrations this season. The thing is there is probably not any so unpredictable culture else on Earth. Spain woman at the same time combine the passion of a flamenco dancer as well as a catholic traditions. And Givenchy or Dolce&Gabbana moreover compilate them with a matador outfits – those black-and-white suits with short jackets.

  • “What the hell, what was she thinking about, why on Earth couldn’t she have started her collaboration with Calipso with this trend? ” That is probably how you might be thinking now, because only 70-es are possibly more talked about this season than white. And you’re deadly right here, but at the same time I’m sure you have no problems with this trend so see no reasons to be harried.:)

  • Together with shoes and accessories brand Calipso we continue on sharing with you the main summer trends (first issue in case you’ve missed it). We are responsible for ideas and visuals and Calipso – for the perfect shoes, worth half of kingdom:) Especially, those illustrating trend on shine and sequins, that are this summer not less popular than at New Year Eve.

  • And here it finally comes! The real spring is out there and is about to change into summer. Honestly, we waited for it way too long! And are you, guys, already ready for this hot season? I truly hope the answer is “no”, cause we with Calipso brand of shoes and accessories have prepaired something very special for you. Next month we are going to post a new trend in shoes and clothes every Friday (and here is how good I am in maths – 5 trends and a month match perfectly for me), so afterwards you will be 100% ready for summer! I couldn’t be more happier than to have Calipso as my partner in this project, cause, girls, they literally have everything in stores! It was quite complicated to stop myself from picking new and new pairs, otherwise I couldn’t even carry them to the car:) And the prices are good as well (you know, how shoked I am by the way too high prices of my favorite shoe brands…).

    So, let’s begin?

  • Getting ready for Quiksilver New Star Camp, I and Alesha promised each other to update blog daily, but at my very first ride I managed to hurt my right hand so badly, that even after 3 days I can hardly type:) Of course, this pain is nothing in comparison with that of guys participating in Nissan X-Tour earlier today. Some of them couldn’t even get up without help! I feel bad when I only remember it!.. Anyway, today I only can afford photo post, while it’s still hard for me to write.
  • Girls, I now need to tell you smth really exciting! 🙂 We are having one extraordinary trip at the end of the month. Extraordinary it is because of two reasons. First – because we yet have to learn a lot for it (if you follow us on Instagram here and here, you already know what I’m talking about!). And secondly because we are going to cover the process in blog. It’s not how it usually goes with bloggers, right?

    So where are we going after all?

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    Number one is you!

    by Kseniia

    Girls are the power, and I mean it. Who else can be so determinate in following her dreams, despite all the difficulties? Sometimes, I think there is no such challenge we can not beat when we are confident in ourselves. The only thing you always have to remember is that there are no psycho “I can’t” in this life. The are only physical: I can’t push the train with bare arms, I can jump 4 meters high. All our other “I can’t” are just “I didn’t tried hard enough”. And they are surely coming true tomorrow! If you believe in yourself, if you don’t give up. If you believe in a better you, you are going to meet tomorrow.

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