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    First ever Vegan Vibes festival in Tauranga

    by Kseniia

    Did you know, that the amount of people, refusing to eat meat, fish, eggs and milk, in New Zealand increased by 27% in the last 5 years? Impossible to believe, but while Alex still can’t stand even a tiniest sip of soy cappuccino, others are happy to eat raw brownie or prepare green smoothie bowl for breakfast:) Noticing the trend, Rachelle Duffy and Little Big Events decided to organize Vegan Vibes festival in Tauranga.

  • Our dear New Zealand (and all English speaking, of course!) readers. Sorry for being to lazy to translate this giant post… We normally don’t behave like that, but this time allowed ourselves a little relax, cause this article is about the documents and steps you need to take to move from Russia to New Zealand with a student visa. We are pretty sure it’s not an issue for you, is it?:) Please, just let us now in comments in case you still want to read the post in English and we will do our best, I promise!

  • Backpacker is a tourist, who travels cheap and ignores tourists’ agencies.

    Everything in New Zealand is quite new to us, everyday is full of surprises and discoveries. But if I still can imagine how it’s possible to apply for and receive a bank card in 15 minutes, that people fix their cars before selling them or that you can’t rent a house if the number of square meters is smaller than a number of your family members (or a landlord would pay fines), the fact that their’s way new culture of traveling and now boarders for people from over the world will be definitely way harder to digest. Here is one of the most amazing and unusual experiences I’ve ever had!

  • Walking daily across our lovely Tauranga, we can’t stop admiring all these views. All you want here is to sit at every bench, to drink coffee in every cafe, to step on every beach. And the best part of it? If you want it – you do it! Cause enjoying the moment is an important part of New Zealand’s life. That’s why we decided to send 5 postcards from here to Russia – hope, they would remind you of how important it is – to enjoy this everyday’s priceless moments. Do you want one?

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    We did it! Welcome to New Zealand:)

    by Kseniia

    How often do you notice that smile on your face and a feeling of pure happiness inside? We’ve been feeling it for the last two days – since the very moment we stepped out of an airplane after the 25 hours flight and realised we’re now truly in New Zealand. And though it’s hard to believe you’re actually on the other end of the planet and everything here is just as it looked like on the pictures. it’s even harder to imagine that this fairy tale won’t end in a week or two. And here come the main news: we’re here for at least a year!

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    Alfa Future People 2016: how (cool) it was

    by Kseniia

    Can you imagine I was waiting for this festival since the very first press-conference in April, when they’ve only announced, that we’re gonna listen to Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix and Lost Frequencies this year? Neither Мalaysia, nor Кrasnodarskiy region (though both of them were really special and beyond any expectations) didn’t sound that exciting as Alfa Future People, where we were invited by Mastercard for the second year in a row. Moreover, organizers promised even more crazy show this year and our friend finally decided to join us, what made this weekend absolutely priceless.

  • Дорогие мои, я обещаю – еще немножко и мы с Алешкой вернемся в блог с новыми силами и материалами:) А пока не могу не поделиться своим счастьем: уже послезавтра мы вместе с Mastercard едем на музыкальный фестиваль Alfa Future People в Нижний Новогород, которого я невероятно ждала аж целый год! В прошлом, во всяком случае, было роскошно. Кроме одного "но" – по вечерам у реки и в открытом поле мы жутко мерзли. Чтобы в этот раз ничего не испортило впечатления, подготовиться стоит заранее!

  • Isn’t it funny – I only mentioned on Instagram (@thestylejungle), that was always indifferent to water and here we go – my report about the water sports festival "Traektoria FEST" in Kaluga, that we visited together with my sister. The thing is I’m totally fine with the water unless I need to swim or sunbath nearby (the last is the worst part!). But I really love SUP-serfing and SUP-yoga, they actually were the reason we took the early morning train and went to Kaluga.

  • You can’t even imagine how happy I become after the comments like “What a luck it is to always travel with a photographer” on a photos from my solo trips:) Yes, many of my Instagram (@thestylejungle) pictures I do by myself. And now I want to share my experience, ideas and even mistakes. Because there is nothing better, than looking through the perfect, authentic photos after the journey.

    A few years ago our travel photos were mostly nature or architecture captures. And we had no idea why were they so far from the vibrant, alive photos of our favourite photographers. Within the years we figured out that people in pictures are a key to success! Because they turn a regular sunset into a special one and show how big the mountains really are by simply standing nearby.

    So what are your options during traveling solo? Does it mean you won’t get any memorable photos? No way! Here are my lifehacks.

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