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  • Being a blogger is not only about describing your favourite spots, music or sharing your knowledge on a cute little page online. Sometimes you also have to be a great partner – first of all, for brands who love your style, your work and want to collaborate. How to be not only a successful online writer, but also a cool influencer and ambassador I asked Anne Buttar – the creative mind behind Wonderland Firm, PR and social media agency based in Wellington. 

  • There are a lot of very attracting products around us and sometimes we are ready to spend the whole salary on a new gadget or some cool innovative prototype from Kickstarter. Especially me, I can put a device on the wishlist right after it was announced. And here comes the idea of this blog post – to share some of the cool products with you and to inspire you. Maybe some of them can be a good present for your family or friends, others can be a very good present for yourself. Get inspired and share in comments, what you found the most attractive and cool.

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    Hello busy June!

    by Kseniia

    Did I ever mention that winter always made me feel more active, determinant and inspired than ever? I used to credit my Birthday for that (which is in December – you know, the REAL winter month, cause winter in June still seems freaking weird to me) – who wouldn’t want to achieve all the goals before setting the new ones? Idea that definitely makes you get out of your shell and do something. But this June shows me how wrong I was my whole life. Despite not having Birthday this month (I wouldn’t mind, though), I am super inspired and looking forward to all the upcoming events and opportunities anyway.

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    Cheers to this fall

    by Kseniia

    Never ever yet had I experienced autumn as incredible as this year. Every morning I wake up inspired and full of energy, every cup of coffee tastes amazing, every new experience makes me smile. Truly, you need nothing more but a sense of harmony to feel happy. And though this delicate rare state of pure balance consists of thousands factors, by the end of April I managed to figure out my two key points that lead to the best autumn ever.

  • Some people (me too, of course) can be scared of the scale of the goal they want to achieve. Sometimes you think that it is almost impossible to become successful in the area of your interest. For example, you have a dream to become a well-known professional photographer, you really like to take pictures but… You are only at the beginning of your career and your way to the top is sooooo long and difficult. But take a deep breath and you will realise that every great person was at this point too. Everyone starts from zero and it is a huge work to become a hero at some point. To inspire you to make first steps in this long way to being a pro photographer I will share with you my thoughts about common amateur mistakes. And hopefully, you will have an opportunity to avoid a lot of them.
  • You guys might probably remember how excited we were in December, when the summer UNO. magazine issue was published. The reason? It contains 3 articles written by me with the photos taken by Alex. How awesome is that? And as soon as all the articles are now available online, I thought it would be nice to show you them in blog as well.

  • I remember my 19 yrs old self – not sure whether I’d better go into sports or fashion journalism and if I’m even capable to become a good journalist with all my fears and lack of self-esteem. Saying nothing about close to zero real job experience. And now I meet Olivia. She is 19 and she is a full-time artist for the last three years with her pictures being sold everywhere from New Zealand to, my God, Alaska. That’s what I call an inspiration!

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    Simple things

    by Kseniia

    Sometimes you just don’t feel like dressing up, but can’t allow yourself to wander around in your PJs at the same time. What would you choose for the days like these? I’m all about my let’s_pretend_leather shorts lately and I absolutely love this simple white T-shirt I got at ROMWE recently.

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