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Earthquake in New Zealand. How was it in Tauranga?

by Kseniia

I know, I know, we failed completely with the updates this month… The thing is we as well failed to study properly for the first two months and now are multitasking like crazy to be back on track with the upcoming exams. Russians do never give up, huh? All we can do now is to pray that our readers are the most patient and understanding human beings ever!.. If there are any still, of course:) The one thing we definitely couldn’t miss posting about is the recent earthquake that happened in New Zealand this week.

Many of our friends back at home texted that day if everything was OK with us. The funny thing is that our parents kept silence – because, seriously, why to waste money, if there is always the possibility we won’t answer anyway? Just kidding! Love you mom, I’m really happy you didn’t receive the bad news from anyone else but me. 

After all, we decided to make this video in order to explain how cataclysms do normally work here in New Zealand and do you have to worry for us if we are in Tauranga and the earthquake is way lower to the South.

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