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  • My dear English-speaking friends! I’m really sorry for not translating this article, but just have a look at its length – it’s probably a new world record! I’m afraid it’s beyond my abilities and patience:) But the stories about outstanding road trips across our beautiful planet are so inspiring, that I will definitely pay for a translation one day. And in a meantime you can use Google Translator just to get the main idea. Sorry again!

    Пожалуй, нет лучшего способа познать новую страну, чем путешествуя по ней на автомобиле. Чем больше нетуристических и честных людей, мест и событий, тем с большей уверенностью можно сказать – да, здесь я был. А не отметился:) Почти два года назад мы проехали 7 000 км по России на нашем тогда еще Peugeot и с тех пор поняли, что автопутешествия – это навсегда. Дорожная романтика: кофе в бумажных стаканчиках, незапланированные остановки на фотогеничных полях, города, которые начинаются со спальных пригородов и, мелькая разноцветными лоскутами, вдруг превращаются в известные достопримечательности, неизменная робость перед незнакомым стилем вождения в новой стране – все это щекочет нервы, заставляет мурашки ажиотажа и восторга бегать по коже, все это вспоминается потом домашними вечерами с улыбкой и неизменным предвкушением новых приключений.

    Я попросила четверых своих знакомых, за плечами которых невероятные дорожные маршруты, рассказать, что, где и как стоит увидеть этим летом из окна своего авто (или даже – через руль велосипеда!). Итак, Калифорния, Португалия, Финляндия и марш-бросок из Москвы в Лондон. Поехали?

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    Daily vlogs from Riga?

    by Kseniia

    That feeling, when you’re finally done with photos from your trip to Riga and are about to go there again next week:) It will be my fifth time – there is no other city abroad, I’ve been to so often! Seems like I’ve seen a lot, I’ve shown a lot, but, trust me, there is still so much to be explored! And that’s why today I’m not only going to show you new photos, but will also ask you to do us a big favor and vote at the end of the article, wheather you’re fancy or not to follow our daily vlogs from Riga like we did in Finland. Each vote is so important to us! So don’t think long, click and scroll down:) 

  • I can hardly believe, that at least four of my friends do have their own books now! But only "Stylish travelsby Anna Sharlay was literally born in a real time. I’ve followed all the process on Facebook:) Without too much enthusiasm, freankly speaking, cause was quite convinced, that there’s nothing new about travels and packing to be told to me and Alesha. But even with that attitude, I’ve read "Stylish travels" twice before sharing my emotions! 

  • I’ve mentioned those buses so many times, that some people decided, I’m paid to do so. No! And don’t even get a discount:) Though you won’t need those, when traveling with Lux Express, cause it’s probably the cheapest way to see Europe so far. And so comfortable as well, that you would definitely want to repeat the experience:) Trust a person, who tried them while suffering from a serious food intoxication and totally recovered during the trip!

  • Today we all are surrounded by technologies. Not only crazy fans do buy the latest iPhones today and not each copter-owner is a professional cameraman. But how to find your way in all the possible types of techs, stick into the budget and buy a useful thing, not a toy for two days, after all? If you have an answer, write it in comments, please:) And now I will tell what does our assortment of filming equipment consists of. But at first, I should mention, that this number of cameras mights be totally useless for many people, so I will do my best to explain clearly, what and when might you need.

  • Somehow it happened, that Insta travel content is all about girls these days. They might be photograpers, who discovered all the advantages of the new social network, or former bloggers. moving to the more convenient platform, or just those, who continue on blogging or vlogging in addition to Instagram. But lately I bump into more and more profiles of male travelers, who have that unique view on our planet. They make photos so simple, but amazing, that we will never be able to repeat. So, please, no flatlays, croissants and selfies today. Only wild and mesmerising nature, captured by the most talanted people from all over the world. Enjoy and subscribe! 

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    How about coming back to life?:)

    by Kseniia

    Big hi everyone! Honestly, I’m surprised myself to write here during the holidays, cause we planned to only focus on working on all that photos and videos, that are still waiting for their turn to come since, oh my Godness, last June!! But you never know, when an inspiration finds you:) Like this time, when our friends from Voronezh (from Live Your Life project, by the way I do highly recommend Diana’s blog!) arrived and all we’ve been doing for the last two days is looking through millions of inspiring blogs and videos, driving all over Moscow for new shots and so on. So I just can’t stop myself from sharing this small, but so important for us shootage, we made in Egypt. To tell you the truth, this one looks more stunning than any blue lagoons from those videos to me.

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    Just a few hours before 2016

    by Kseniia

    It’s really hard to believe, that we’re about to seat around the table with family, salads (mine – without meat!) and presents. It’s really hard to believe, that a year had pased since we were spending holidays with Alesha in our new, a bit yet unusual for us appartament, planning over a million deals for a future year, that was certainly supposed to become really special, cause it was our first year with one surname. 2015 flew like a hurricane, like a moment, but was so emotional, so beautiful and visual, that we decided to round it up in this video. Have a look at the best, what happened to us in 2015. The coolest in it is that there’re still moments we haven’t shown yet, which means we are taking the best parts of 2015 with us to 2016. And don’t forget to switch to the best quality, Maldives are worth it:)

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    Maldivian souvenir for our readers

    by Kseniia

    And what do YOU normally do, when at 5 a.m. you suddenly can’t sleep any longer? I decided to use this time to announce a new prize in our monthly best commentators competition. This one is going to be really special, cause it was brought by Alesha from Maldives, whrtr he stayed last week (what we are yet to tell about in a various photo- and video-posts).

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