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by Kseniia

Sometimes you just don’t feel like dressing up, but can’t allow yourself to wander around in your PJs at the same time. What would you choose for the days like these? I’m all about my let’s_pretend_leather shorts lately and I absolutely love this simple white T-shirt I got at ROMWE recently.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning to write a lot about this outfit, cause obviously it’s not the most outstanding you can imagine. But who said that we should go hard or go home everyday? And who said that the outfit you feel super comfy and stylish in (cause I did!) isn’t the one to stand out? 

I’ve been noticing recently, how deep and balanced the things that look simple from the first sight can really be. Just remember the last time you’ve visited minimalism styled house or practiced clean eating for several days in a row at least… Or yes, wore simple black-and-white outfit. Reckon, you got the idea! Things like that just help us to clear the mind, to stay focused and to achieve more at the end. Why on Earth are we such collectors and surround ourselves by useless things in that case?

I’ve never read a single of those popular books about how to get rid of the things you don’t need, clean up your closet, kitchen or mind. I am pretty sure they might be helpful, but I really enjoy the process of getting there myself. It might be slow, it might even stop on wearing simple clothes and not ever move a single inch further, but who cares? I feel beautiful and comfy right now, so why not to enjoy the moment? 

Do you guys try to appreciate even the smallest efforts you make or always aim for more? 

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