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Magical sunset in Tauranga

by Kseniia

"Don’t take it for granted" – that was the name of my article in the latest UNO. magazine issue. And you know what? We really DO take so much for granted, that tend to think our life is boring and ordinary, when really it is exciting and worth being happy every day.

For example, it looked like a casual evening for us, we were too lazy to do something special, so just went out to buy some food, when suddenly we noticed this magical light of the sunset. Living by the water means you constantly get amazing sunrises and sunsets – pretty easy to get used to, huh? But when you take a minute to look around, breath in and open your eyes, you realize, how special, how beautiful can be the moment, even if it is just a small area in front of the supermarket:)

May you, guys, always remember – we live on the most beautiful planet in the Universe and never ever can anything be called ordinary here. Just don’t forget to be grateful, to live with open heart and mind and soak all things new and interesting you meet on your way.

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Shoes Jog Dog
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