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March 2015

  • We were waiting for so long! And here we are, finally in Sochi, all seasons resort Gorki Gorod, where Quiksilver New Star Camp for snowboarders runs right now. Gosh, guys, what an atmosphere is here! Organizers and those, who arrived before us, made it really incredible. We yet didn’t have time to ride, but spent a wonderful half-day on 540 meters above the sea, enjoying wonderful views and that happy mood I now really want to share with you.

  • There is a true animal cult in Israel! Seems like each second citizen in Tel-Aviv has a dog. My favorite moment from our trip is that French woman, trying to teach her dog on the beach. She came there to learn language and took dog with her. Theu were such a happy and harmonious couple! Smaller cities are ocupied by cats. Especially places like Dolphin Reef (they only have 8 dolphins, but obviously way more cats).

    And today we are going to look through almost all animals I met during my trip to Israel.

  • Girls, I now need to tell you smth really exciting! 🙂 We are having one extraordinary trip at the end of the month. Extraordinary it is because of two reasons. First – because we yet have to learn a lot for it (if you follow us on Instagram here and here, you already know what I’m talking about!). And secondly because we are going to cover the process in blog. It’s not how it usually goes with bloggers, right?

    So where are we going after all?

  • Somehow I got used to never update blog on Fridays. Not the very best habbit, I must admit:) But I usually have that mood of doing household or doing nothing but watching TV on Friday evenings, so all in all blog is not an option. If only I’m not going to show you the place made for relaxation, peaceful joy and happiness. And honestly, it’s now Saturday in Moscow already, so:)

    So let’s have a tour to the most wonderful tree house back in Eilat, Israel. It has 3 swimming pools, restaurant and balcony. On.a.tree. Impressive, isn’t it?

  • Lifestyle

    How to get fit at home

    by Kseniia

    Actually I planned to make the post about at home trainings a little later, when I am completely satisfied with the results, but your todays interest to my training program in Instagram changed the plans.

    I’ve been training at home since January. I’m now kinda expert in at home training videos and even have favorite instructors:) And today I’m going to show you some of the most effective, in my opinion, fitness guides and how to combine them all together.

  • Do you agree, that people always associate cities they’ve been to with some unexpected places or moments, that might seem really not important first. Just pronounce any town name you’ve ever been to and try to ketch the first memory your brains would give to you. Recently we realized that for us New York, for example, is forever a parking spot near the supermarket, where we went shopping, wile spending there our summer, and that unusual Staten Island subway. Isn’t it strange? Cause we have really seen a lot there!

    And what will I now remember about Pereslavl-Zaleskiy?

  • FashionOur works

    Number one is you!

    by Kseniia

    Girls are the power, and I mean it. Who else can be so determinate in following her dreams, despite all the difficulties? Sometimes, I think there is no such challenge we can not beat when we are confident in ourselves. The only thing you always have to remember is that there are no psycho “I can’t” in this life. The are only physical: I can’t push the train with bare arms, I can jump 4 meters high. All our other “I can’t” are just “I didn’t tried hard enough”. And they are surely coming true tomorrow! If you believe in yourself, if you don’t give up. If you believe in a better you, you are going to meet tomorrow.

  • Masada (or “Mezada”, as locals call it) is one of the most amzing places in Israel. Ancient fortress, built before our century, which is situated on an inaccessible rock in a middle of Judean desert on a Dead Sea shore. Just imagine: 400 meters of steep slopes all around and just a tiny Snake path, that unites Masada with the rest of the world! I honestly have no idea how people could have found this place and buit there anything so progressive.

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