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Number one is you!

by Kseniia

Girls are the power, and I mean it. Who else can be so determinate in following her dreams, despite all the difficulties? Sometimes, I think there is no such challenge we can not beat when we are confident in ourselves. The only thing you always have to remember is that there are no psycho “I can’t” in this life. The are only physical: I can’t push the train with bare arms, I can jump 4 meters high. All our other “I can’t” are just “I didn’t tried hard enough”. And they are surely coming true tomorrow! If you believe in yourself, if you don’t give up. If you believe in a better you, you are going to meet tomorrow.

Happy International Women’s Day, dears! And remember always: you are number 1!

And this crazy T-shirt by Tezenis will now always remind me of that. Specially for this day they made several customized T-shirts for bloggers from Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries. There are only five girls in Russia to receive this present! And you can see all them in Instagram hashtag #tezenisportchic.

Such present is a great honor and happiness for me. As well as a perfect motivation. I’m currently in a middle of my own sport path, making myself better outside as well as inside. And now I know that if Tezenis sees Sport Chic in me, I have no rights to give up. Because of them and because of that better me I really want to face one day.

Let this number 1 on my back be your motivation as well. Let’s promise right here and right now to become better in anything really important for you: in work, love, hobby, education or even thoughts. What kind of you will I see tomorrow?

Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

I’m wearing:

T-shirt Tezenis for Ksenia Ruzanova
Jeans United Colors of Benetton
Sneakers Adidas Originals
Bag Next.com.ru

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