The coolest tree house: Dolphin Reef, Eilat

by Kseniia

Somehow I got used to never update blog on Fridays. Not the very best habbit, I must admit:) But I usually have that mood of doing household or doing nothing but watching TV on Friday evenings, so all in all blog is not an option. If only I’m not going to show you the place made for relaxation, peaceful joy and happiness. And honestly, it’s now Saturday in Moscow already, so:)

So let’s have a tour to the most wonderful tree house back in Eilat, Israel. It has 3 swimming pools, restaurant and balcony. On.a.tree. Impressive, isn’t it?

This crazy place is situated in a Dolphin Reef not far from Eilat. Dolphin Reef is a big area. The first thing you pay attention at when only entering is a marvelous number of plants, what is not quite common for sandy Israel. And we only left desert that day, returning from Makhtesh Ramon. Can you imagine how surprised we were?:) There are also beach, bars and the main entertainment – sea with dolphins. By the way, you shouldn’t wait for any actions from dolphins – they are not going to give you a ride or smth else. This unique place shows the real life of dolphins. They can swim, talk, argue, and people can only observe, not even touching them!

Many people only come to Dolphin Reef for a relaxed day in a beatiful place and are not doing any diving or snorkeling. To enter the area you will have to pay 67 shekels (or around 1 000 rubes). Despite there is nothing really interesting going on during the day, you still can have a great time here, feeling like you’ve entered some very special club.

The feeling only gets stronger after you discover an outstanding tree house, that is local restaurant and spa at the same time. It is situted on a second floor level what makes the fact of swimming in a pool there even more incredible.

The bungalo can be devided into two parts. The first one is for everybody. You can have a drink in an authentic tropical bar here or just relax in a cozy hanging chair, while enjoying Red Sea views.

By the way, it is probably the best place to watch dolphins feeding, while you at least can seat here and it’s not that crowdy like on pier. But of course it’s more difficult to make pictures from above.

But for those who are ready to pay something really special is prepaired. A VIP-zone with 3 swimming pools. You are not allowed to speak loudly here or use your mobile phone, big companies are not welcomed (not more than 6 people in a time!) and, of course, no photos can be made (though I managed to make some for you). Instead you can relax in one of pools: with Red Sea, Dead Sea or rain water.

A unique experience can be held in a last one. It’s called floating. And is charged extra:) Bloggers, I was in this tour with, were so exited, they almost made me believe it was the best experence in their lives. Well, honestly… it was cool. But I suppose the coolest thing about it was that I fell asleep after snorkeling and that is why turned to be so relaxed and shiny afterwards.

What is floating? You slowly float on water, listen to underwater music and that relaxing noise of stones under the footsteps of your therapist, who is carrying you back and forth and making a light massage.

An experience can be 30 or 45 minutes long. The rest time you can swim or drink fresh juice, tea and coffee, eat candies, nuts and fruits. 2 hours in VIP-spa with 30 minutes of floating will cost you 315 shekels (about 5 000 rubles). Far from cheap, but trust me – really worth it!

And you will also be served by towels and bathrobes:

Honestly, I was really impressed by swimming with dolphins, but what do I remember all the time now? Those meditative 2 hours in a tree house, surrounded by the beautiful nature. How lucky those people constantly living in summer are!

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