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December 2015

  • Taking an unfamiliar car for a ride to another town is like traveling with your Tinder-partner, that you have never met before: you can either fall in love or begin to hate each other& Luckily, Suzuki Vitara was the first option. Stylish red (well, ours was red, but they have 9 colors to choose from) car was made for a young audience, that treats autos as something more than just a car. More likely as a part of theyr colorful, dynamic life. And I had such a great pleasure to imagine, that I have some kind of it too:) 

  • It looks just like in a movie, when a small girl suddenly wakes up as an adult and successful woman. You can’t believe in reality of what you see around just like her. With the only difference, that you still remember your 20 last years:) That is exactly, how you feel observing all those fantastic views from the Upper House hotel windows in Gothenburg (Sweden).

  • It goes without saying, that mostly tourists visit Maldives to have a relaxed rest on the beach, to swim in a crystall clear water and do some sunbathing. But that place is not only for lazy ones. In order to entertain yourself, you can choose from several more options. The most obvious are those, connected with water: snorkeling, diving, etc. But we already spoke of them a little in a previous post about Vilu Reef. And today I’m gonna show you some more interesting options.

  • You know, what a huge fan of everything with history and unique atmosphere I am. Like my beloved ROXY, that unite sporty girls from all over the world. Or Romana’s Pilates – a workout I visited today, that turned to be the only workout in Russia to be called true pilates, as it was invented by Josef Pilates. He invented some crazy equipment, looking more like torturing machines, to effectively train professional athletes, ballerinas as well as injured people. It took almost 12 years for local trainers to bring this system to Russia! Isn’t it just cool to be a part of this world? Or here is one more example – beauty-brand Eisenberg from Monaco: they were working on their unique and super effective cream formula for seven years, before starting the production in France. It definitely makes the process of applying the cream more valuable, agree?

    That’s why I was so excited about test-driving Hyundai Solaris in fall. The thing is this brand really has a special history in Russia, and, what’s more, we received a limited edition car “500 000″^ devoted to half a million cars, sold in Russia. So, let’s have a look a little closer:) 

  • Cars

    Wallpapers: Skoda oldtimers in Czech landscapes

    by Alex

    Freankly speaking, we became such a huge fans of those old and cute Skoda cars, that even after historical and outfit posts, we decided to make one more. This time – without any long texts, but with something really useful instead. We made a couple of wallpapers with Skoda oldtimers and Czech landscapes! 

  • Kind of the main question for me lately:) You might have noticed, that we really sucked with updates the previous month. All because of my new job + a huge freelance tast for a text as big as 150 000 symbols. I’m soooo sleepy now! And at the same time I’m really eager to share those 50 shootings, made in Singapour, Finland, Czech, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Maldives, Latvia, that we still keep all for ourselves. So it was just the right time to find ot what really helpes me to keep going and update blog despite of being too tired? Here they are, my main motivators!

  • Each new month (year/week/day/hour) we make new promises. Like, okay, I’m goint to gym or getting back to my Englush classes. That is how we with Ksusha promise each other to be more active and upate our blog more often each month. The main thing is we have so much yet to show! But the circumstances are really not on our’s side sometimes and all the photos are still not sorted out and videos are not done. 

    Photos, that I’m about to show now, were already ready in October, but had no other options than to wait patiently until we will have time to post them. So, let’s finally begin our journey to the one of the most popular bands’ ever world – the world of  ABBA!

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