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Not the sun and beaches only: what else to do in Maldives

by Alex

It goes without saying, that mostly tourists visit Maldives to have a relaxed rest on the beach, to swim in a crystall clear water and do some sunbathing. But that place is not only for lazy ones. In order to entertain yourself, you can choose from several more options. The most obvious are those, connected with water: snorkeling, diving, etc. But we already spoke of them a little in a previous post about Vilu Reef. And today I’m gonna show you some more interesting options.


You can as well spend your time usefully while having rest, can’t you? For example, gain some new cooking experience.  Some hotels (like our Vilu Reef) do invite locals to make a creative cooking class together with theirs chief. 

Locals do not only cook new to Europeans dishes, but show some surprising techniques as well. For example, how to get the inside of the coconut or how to use palm leaves instead of a grill stick. Not so obvious ideas for Russia, but let’s look at it as at a show. 

Those classes help to get a closer look on a local traditions, even if the chief stops locals from adding to much curry. Even “not spicy” dishes can be too hot for Europeans! So, when trying to recreate it, use way less spices! 

Of couse, you can try everything after the class. My advice: don’t be shy! Cause you won’t like many dishes, but at least will remember them for ages! A good alternative to Singapore food!


Many tourists do never think of how local hotels operate. How do they get products and were these all grows? Of course, they just buy a lot, but something is being grown specially for them on nearest islands. You can even visit on of Vilu Reef farms.  

If you have been in a country house before, nothing here will really suprise you. All the same processes just surrounded by palms! Exept for many exotic fruits that do grow in an unusual ways. . 

There is also a place for chickens and goats here. You can feed or even touch animals – they are really friendly. And that is probably it!   


It may sound strange, but it’s actually just a boat ride to the places, where dolphins often appear. We weren’t lucky that time and didn’t meet any of them. After an hour long ride and a very beautiful sunset we went back to the hotel. Far from the Dolphin Reef in Israel, where you can never miss them.

But the next group was more lucky and have seen lots of them. They were jumping and speaking. So it’s hard to predict the results, but worth trying anyway! 


People ofthe think of Maldives as of a giant resort of a highest level. But besides that, there are also islands, where only locals live. Mostly they are fishermen with their families. 

As soon as those islands are not very big, you will need about an hour to have a look around. Or even faster, if it’s too hot and you are not very interested. The most interesting place is probably a local shop. Here you will met a lot of unfamiliar products, as well as well-known ones but with a local language translations. 

There are a church and water reservoirs on a main square. 

The village itself looks very cosy, but very poor. Locals protect their privasy and try to hide from the tourists. One small boy even tried to hit my camera with his toy! 

Fishermen on the contrary, try to speak, though they are not that good in English.


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