Taking an unfamiliar car for a ride to another town is like traveling with your Tinder-partner, that you have never met before: you can either fall in love or begin to hate each other& Luckily, Suzuki Vitara was the first option. Stylish red (well, ours was red, but they have 9 colors to choose from) car was made for a young audience, that treats autos as something more than just a car. More likely as a part of theyr colorful, dynamic life. And I had such a great pleasure to imagine, that I have some kind of it too:) 

I took Vitara for a night right across the town and explored 5 castles outside Petersburg in just 3 days. I guess, I would have felt so lonely without its ability to turn every journey into a party. I was singing, drinking coffee, shooting myself, entering the ground parking and just making all the stereotypes about the perfect road trip true. 

More about this auto – in our video (there is always more at the end, don’t forget!) and soon we will also show you that wonderful and cosy room number of Park Inn, we stayed at with Alesha (not in Velikiy Novgorod this time). And now I only wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best adventures!

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