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Tips&Tricks: how to write in blog when you actually want to sleep?

by Kseniia

Kind of the main question for me lately:) You might have noticed, that we really sucked with updates the previous month. All because of my new job + a huge freelance tast for a text as big as 150 000 symbols. I’m soooo sleepy now! And at the same time I’m really eager to share those 50 shootings, made in Singapour, Finland, Czech, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Maldives, Latvia, that we still keep all for ourselves. So it was just the right time to find ot what really helpes me to keep going and update blog despite of being too tired? Here they are, my main motivators!

1. E-mail. Each Friday we send letters with all the blog updates to our readers. And honestly, I really hate to see an e-mail with only one link in it (saying nothing about toe mpments when we don’t have anything to send at all!). So I do my best to make an update on Thursday night at least. By the way, you will keep me even more motivated, if you leave your e-mail in a right column. The more readers we have – the more updates we will make:) Try to keep some weekly traditions in your blog as well and you will notice, that you will go on air more often.

2. Monthly contest. One more reason to update is our monthly comments’ competitions. When I offer you a prize for reacting on an updates, I feel so guilty, when you have nothing to comment on! You should understand, that giving promises to yourself is not the same at all as to promise something to your readers. By the way, if you will like the idea with the competition, do not hesitate to borrow it, it wasn’t mine after all:) 

3. Good company. I’m such a strange person! I love company in situations when others need silence and silence, when others want to party. For example, I’m really bad in visiting huge events for work, but I really love to write my blog posts while Alesha plays his PlayStation or while visiting parents, where my sister with her two small and really noisy kids stays at the same time. You feel yourself like a hero and updating makes you to be proud of yourself:) I wonder, if you can also cope it:)

4. Right atmosphere. My grandma was the one to start my obessity with aromacandles. Firstly I was just giving away all the souvenirs from work to her, but in October somehow decided to spend some time with a burning candle of the "Flowers masquarade" by Glade. That is theirs new collection "For special occasions". Despite this one was made as a scent for a loud parties and fun, I somehow feel that it’s really mu work type. Because when to write if not at night, in a warm place with a nice scent? Stereotypes that always work! By the way, they also have "Vanilla Tea Party" and "Apple Festival" in that collection. The first one is for a cosy meetings with friends and the second is a romantic one. You should better check all the information on theirs VK page, because otherwise I will forget what I was talking about:) But I’m really interested, which one would you have chosen? Make a vote underneath this page!

5. An early morning. To wake up even earlier than really early? Mission impossible! But when I finally make it (sometimes after 3 or 4 failed attempts), I feel so energyzed and inspired, that just can’t not to update! I have such a strong image of how you enter Insta or blog in the morning, and here we go – everything is ready so far! People say that those who get up early become successful more often. And isn’t an update a small success already?

6. Graphics and plans. We are really planning maniacs:) How to improve design, what new ideas to involve, whom to choose for a next collaboration… Honestly, we never achieve 70% of those goals, but we use them to get inspired, to organize ourselves and do something at last. If you somehow got lost in what to do now and then, just try to structurize. It is not only easier to understand the field to work on that way, but also helps to visualise your dreams.

Those are probably the main points that help me to make my updates from times to times. Of course, I’m never that effective I wish I was, but may be you have some ideas? How do you focus on what you really want to do, but just feel so tired and sleepy at the moment? And by the way, after how many days of silence do you stop to check our blog?:) 

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