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February 2016

  • Travel

    In a mood to travel and daily vlogs from Finland

    by Kseniia

    Hey, guys, how about a cool new experiment?:) On Friday we are flying to Finland and are going to post DAILY videos about husky, deers, snowmobiles and other local super-activities on our YouTube channel (sign up, cause we’re not going to post videos here)! Interested? Hope so, cause we are! We have never yet done "vlogs", so have no idea, how to speak, what to show… But anyway: starting from February, the 14th at 10 AM every day a new video will wait for you!

    So, what’s on the list?

  • Sometimes you just don’t want to go too far away, but would really love to have a little rest and reload the batteries. What do we do in that case? Jump into our car and visit nearest cities, like Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Borovsk, Chekhov or Suzdal (a video from where is already on YouTube!). But this year began with a wonderful weekend in Radisson Resort, Zavidovo. I’ve seen a lot of pictures from there and imagined that lazy days on white sheets, in a jacuzzi or in a romantic grill restaurant. But as it always happens, reality way as far as possible from this:) All I was doing is jumping on a trampoline like crazy and snowboarding back and force on a frozen lake.

  • I’ve mentioned those buses so many times, that some people decided, I’m paid to do so. No! And don’t even get a discount:) Though you won’t need those, when traveling with Lux Express, cause it’s probably the cheapest way to see Europe so far. And so comfortable as well, that you would definitely want to repeat the experience:) Trust a person, who tried them while suffering from a serious food intoxication and totally recovered during the trip!

  • TravelVideo

    Winter Suzdal from above

    by Kseniia

    Don’t know why, but we more often visit Russian cities in winter than in summer. Especially those of the “Golden Ring”. A year ago we went to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy and Yroslavl, and last December I visited Suzdal after an invitation of our partners – Kiehl’s, who invited me to be a photographer, videographer and a DJ in their press-tour.

    There is a very special magic in traveling around our country in winter, cause this season is probably the most authentic for Russia. Seriosly, ask any foreigner, what he knows about our country, and he will probably name winter and cold weather among the main stereotypes.

  • Our worksTravel

    Munich night walk. A city to return!

    by Kseniia

    I’m such a loser in what concerns Germany. I love this country and language so much, but never ever yet had a chance to visit it without being in a crazy rush! Let’s see: I saw the central square and Ford research center in Aachen (a city of students and fun!), ate sousages and walked across the embankment of Dusseldorf and, finally, had a quick night walk around Munich last September, while visiting it for only 24 hours. I have no idea, why all my trips to this beloved country are always so short!:) Hope to fix it, but yet just can’t stop myself from showing you at least that tiny piece of wonderful Munich, I’ve seen. 

  • If you follow me on Instagram (@thestylejungle), you a) don’t know yet, that I’ve already visited that amazing and so emotional exhibition of Frida Kahlo works in Saint-P. (what I’m going to show tomorrow!); b) already know, that I was chosen to be one of two Russian ambassadors for the Swedish social project ShareWear.

    ShareWear’s idea is to pay people’s attention onto a problem of throwing 7 million tones of fabrics every year and to offer a good solution. VisitSweden and Swedish Institute offer not to throw, but to share clothes! They collaborated with local brands to create a collection, that you can not buy, only borrow.

  • Today we all are surrounded by technologies. Not only crazy fans do buy the latest iPhones today and not each copter-owner is a professional cameraman. But how to find your way in all the possible types of techs, stick into the budget and buy a useful thing, not a toy for two days, after all? If you have an answer, write it in comments, please:) And now I will tell what does our assortment of filming equipment consists of. But at first, I should mention, that this number of cameras mights be totally useless for many people, so I will do my best to explain clearly, what and when might you need.

  • Hey, dears! While you’re watching this sunny photos from Egypt (can you imagine, how hot it was there, that I could hardly survive in this sweater?), we’re on our way to snowy wonderland of Finland. Don’t forget, that our first daily vlog experiment is ahead! Please, subscribe to our chanel and, starting from the 14th of February, we will post a video per day befor 10 AM. We won’t publish them here, so will wait for your comments under the videos on YouTube! I truly believe, that honest videos like that are the best way to explore the country without actually being there. Do you, guys, agree?

  • Articles

    Who won a trip to Finland?

    by Kseniia

    Wow, what an exciting moment! Time to announce our winner, who will spend 2 spring nights in wonderful Jarvisydan together with his dearest person. To tell you the truth, we did our best to not read the stories during the competition in order to read them all at once and to find the only one, that will be the most appealing to us. Yes, the choice was all about our personal opinion, so, please, don’t judge or discuss it, cause there are as many opinions as many people, right? So, are you ready?

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