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  • Willing to now, how does the last person on planet would feel like? Especially, when it’s not just a planet, but something like Mars? Just visit Kemeri – Latvia’s national park located in 50 kms away from Riga. Those amazing mossy swamps are not like any other scenery of the Earth: they are rusty green, stationary and very, very deep.

  • I’ve mentioned those buses so many times, that some people decided, I’m paid to do so. No! And don’t even get a discount:) Though you won’t need those, when traveling with Lux Express, cause it’s probably the cheapest way to see Europe so far. And so comfortable as well, that you would definitely want to repeat the experience:) Trust a person, who tried them while suffering from a serious food intoxication and totally recovered during the trip!

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    How to travel for free? 11 cool ideas

    by Kseniia

    My dear friends, you do often write, how jealous you are, that we have a chance to travel so much. Of course, I understand how lucky we are to have that opportunity, but, trust me, it doesn’t mean you can not travel even for free or for a very low budget. That’s why I decided to combine all the tricks on how to see the world without debts and credits. Some of those we tried ourselves, others were told by our friends. But anyway, the information is really useful! I hope, my today’s post will open you the door to the destinations you previously only dreamed about!

  • Hands up those of you, who also think, that spring should come immediately after the New Year night! But as soon as instead of the first flowers and International Woman’s Day gifts we only have a freezing cold, that gets only worse, let’s at least imagine, what would we wear next season. Moreover, most of the spring collections will be in stock in February already, which is really very soon! I’ve chosen the most stylish and convincing collections from those, shown on Riga Fashion Week. And it turned to be an international top! 

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    Cozy winter with ASOS: Bublik cafe

    by Kseniia

    What a foodie days we are having lately in blog! Well, that’s the way Russian winter behaves. All you’re able to do is to run from home to a car and from a car to yet another cup of ginger coffee only to run back afterwards. Summer was made for long walks and adventures and the only winter adventure is to suddenly choose porridge instead of pancakes. What a crazy decision!:) Honestly, I was ready to stop after that tasty guide to Riga, but ASOS suddenly came up with an outstanding and creative project: to make maps of warming places for winter in four capitals (Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris) with the help of local bloggers. Could we have missed it? 

  • Вторая половина этого года выдалась очень богатой на поездки, а за октябрь и начало ноября мы вообще смогли побывать в трех разных частях света. В то время как Ксюша развлекалась на неделе моды в Риге (об этом она расскажет чуть позже), мне посчастливилось отправиться на Мальдивы.
  • Ok, I will be honest with you, my friends, I really want to sleep after that desasterous intoxication, a night, spent on a road, and a day at my favorite Riga Fashion Week, that I missed so much during the last two seasons (oh yes, go and have a look at a video, where I’m still young, thin and beautiful!). But there is that video of how I spontaneously went to Munich in September to celebrate Octoberfest hanging on my YouTube for quite a while now, so I will do my best and finally share it with you. Cause Octoberfest had not only already opened, but also had way too much time to also get closed. 

    Spoiler! That’s the first time I ever spoke German in front of the camera.

  • Lifestyle

    #TSJGoPro Chronicles. How we spent 2014

    by Kseniia

    Let’s be honest, officialy new year starts only after the 12th of January and now we are all free to do only what we enjoy, to relax and, of course, once more remember the best moments of 2014. We with Alesha sorted out some of photos made last year with our GoPro camera and it turned out we still have lots of them never shown. So now I’m going to fix this situation and show you about 100 photos that mean so much to us.:)

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    Voting of the year: best summer outfit

    by Kseniia

    OK, call me an idiot, but anyway it’s better to suddenly remember about my genious idea of chosing best outfit of the year on the 17th of September than never, right? So now you’re gonna to choose best summer outfit:) This time our voting will be a little cheaty… Cause we did so many shootings in spring, that I’ve almost spend all my summer posting them. So don’t be surprised of them being not su summerish!

    And the spring voting results are coming at the end of this article!!

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