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  • Fashion

    New Zealand Fashion Week shows we loved

    by Kseniia

    Despite ambitiously rating our favourite New Zealand fashion brands, me and Alex are complete noobs when it comes to local fashion scene. Imagine, how thrilled we were to visit NZFW 2017 last month and discover new names and talents! We’ve spent less than 42 hours in Auckland (not that this fashion week is ridiculously short, but that’s what you’re left with when juggling work in Tauranga with FW in Auckland). But nevertheless those two days were full of awesome people, funny situations, pleasant surprises… To be honest, I missed those moments of being busy organising your fashion schedule (morning show – coffee fix – interview – another show) like… A LOT! I’m happy to share several shots of the shows I loved the most this season.

  • BMW

    BMW M235i: pure adrenaline

    by Alex

    It is always good to have friends. But it’s even better to have friends who can give you a car to test-drive. Thanks to the Universe we have friends like that. And these guys from BMW Russia gave us this beautiful and very powerful baby BMW M235i. This car can literally make your life more colourful and positive! And maybe more adventurous and risky as well. So let’s dive into the review of this amazing BMW M235i to see what is it about.

  • BMW

    BMW X4 – the best car we’ve ever test-drived!

    by Alex

    We often write about cars in our blog. But what do people really need to know about those cars? Not that boring figures, of course. Of course, you want to know how much fuel it uses. But that’s probably it. But what else is really important? Feelings. And that is what we gonna talk about today.

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