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Caps that help the planet

by Kseniia

Global warming, pollution, endangered animals – there are so many cruel and even irreversible circumstances of human activities these days. The scale is so dramatic that sometimes it feels easier to just give up. Seriously, despite being vegan (well, lacto-vegetarian, to be honest), using cruelty-free skincare and make-up, reusable water bottles and avoiding plastic as much as I can, I often can’t get rid of the thought that I’m just too small and helpless to make an impact with my life choices. Well, guys, that is something you should never allow yourself to think about! Because you, I – we might be small, might be helpless, but imagine, how many people out there are also trying to prevent our planet from being totally destroyed! All together we’re powerful and strong.

And of course, finding someone who cares and makes some great things happen is always an inspiration. Imagine my happiness, when I first discovered New Zealand brand Offcut. These guys came up with a fashionable idea on how to minimise fabric waste.

Did you know that millions of tonnes of fabric are being thrown away every year? Chemically dyed and glued, they poison the soil and release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which leads to dramatic climate changes. And we’re not even talking about fabric that was used here. No, these are offcuts that were too small to make something useful out of them or had a tiny little imperfections. Did they deserve to end up like this? Definitely not.

So at Offcut they safe remnants, misprinted or end-of-line fabric and create beautiful caps. These caps are handmade and are super limited (you can’t buy mine or Alex’s cap ¬†on their website¬†anymore, ha! Though I absolutely love their new Seven and Eight prints).

And if you’re still not convinced to support this great initiative, Offcut have also partnered with ¬†Trees for the Future organisation to have a tree planted for each cap sold. How awesome is that?

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