BMW X4 – the best car we ever tested!

by Alex

We often write about cars in our blog. But what people really need to know about cars? Not that boring figures, of course. May be you want to know how much petrol it is burning and that’s it. But what else is important? Feelings. And that is what we gonna talk about today.

Honestly speaking, I’ve never driven a BMW car till I turned 25. Yeah, that’s really strange, I know. In addition to it, I was always feeling neutral about this company’s products. My friends were dreaming about their own 4-series coupe or huge X6. But I wasn’t like that. I don’t mind which car I drive. Until I got BMW X4 for test.

First thing that attracts your attentions is price color. That awesome red color, that makes this car special and makes other people stare at it. Really like it. Second thing is a shape of this car. BMW X4 is not so big, but it’s not so small. It’s just that size it should be. You can drive it in the city and park in tiny spaces, or you can go to the countryside and not be frightened to get off the road.

BMW X4 looks very comfortable inside. There are a lot of pretty good things like Multimedia System, multi-functional steering wheel, harman/kordon speakers, panoramic roof and more. It’s so amazing that I wanted to live inside this car. Seats are comfortable, they have 2 memorable positions and it’s perfect when there are two drivers for one car. You can even sleep at your seat because it’s soooooo awesome.

Let’s say couple of words about driving X4. I love fast cars. And as all Russians I love driving fast. But there should always be a feeling of control and safety. For experiment we took unoccupied road and set the speed to 200 km/h. BMW X4 was so calm and confident as the speed was like 50 km/h in the city. That’s the main mark for me.

And for conclusion just a little bit more about feelings. If you are going to buy this car, I envy you. I really like this car. It is worth the money you spent on it. This car is built for people who love attention, who like comfort. It’s all about style.

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