Israel video-tour. Part I: Jerusalem

06.02.2015 BY

I'm sooo out of my comfort zone posting this video, you can't even imagine! I even have no idea what to start with! With an interesting facts about Jerusalem? With a funny stories about me trying to learn how to make videos while holding 3 recording devices in my hands at the same time? Or with all my thanks to Alesha, who managed to turn my crazy shootings into a normally looking video? Or with one more really funny thing?..

In other words, this Israel trip was our (mine - especially!) first attempt to shoot something more than just us eating, walking or making photos. I wanted to tell you more about those wonderful places, they really deserve it! That is how I came up with an idea to make a small programms about the main sights. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to prepare and I didn't even know what to begin with. So I was terribly worried:) Had to use all my improvisation skills. Hope, you will forgive me! It's going to be better next time, I promise. And the funny thing is, by the way, the music we used. I'm sure my Russian readers will get easily where it comes from. We wanted to use it badly just to mark a moment our videos went to a new level:)


It was my second time in this city. Here is the video about the first one, by the way (Tel-Aviv included):

Last time we only came for one day and visited only The Temple Mount. This time we had almost two days for this city! Just try to imagine how shocked I was to suddenly find there a modern capital city! While walking through I kept imagining 3 little houses in the middle of a dessert, but spectacular streets were all around. There is a concert hall in Jerusalem, where Eurovision contest once took place, as well as the country's most influential TV and radio channels. So this city is really full of live (at nights as well, like in this cafe).

The historical part is totally different. While all cultures and religions are mixed in a city, here you can clearly see if it's a tourist or a local in front of you. The first type dominates, by the way. Even in this season. And there are a lot of Americans (who told they never leave country?). Locals are devided into quarters according to their religion. Each has its own traditions and st. places. There are even battles. For example, you can find two Calvaries in The Church of Holy Sepulcher: one belongs to Christians, and the other one - to Catholics. And they are not more than 10 meters away from each other! Well, technically there is even the third Calvary - outside the Gates, by the mount looking like a skull. It was an important place to come for Protestants since XIX century. Currently not taken as st, it attracts a lot of religious people anyway. And that was not the only example!

Of course, all those battles, those tourists crowds, going crazy for anything thought to be religious (I have even seen with my own eyes a group of teenagers sanctifying their iPhones!), inappropriate markets at that old streets make you feel lost and confused. They ruin everything behind the Jerusalem. Its history, its meaning. Last time I was so much impressed by the beauty of an Old Town, that I paid no attention to this fact. But last week I felt it really strong.

But all in all, if you take a seat for a while, switch off the noisy voices of tourists in your head and concentrate on an Old Town, you can feel those unique vibrations. And it's also very beautiful here. Next time I will do my best to walk here without a guide and for as long as I need. I'm really eager to take a walking tour up on the walls (there is such type of activity!) and to seat on any square in between living houses to feel the real vibrations of this magical place. And not those dictated by the guide and tourists paths.

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