Switzerland from the window

by Kseniia

Switzerland is an absolutely fab country. Very beautiful, very sunny, cozy and happy. Looks like it’s always a sunshine here and the grass is green. It’s just another Universe! Even what concerns people. I haven’t ever yet seen a person being so happy while talking to conductor:)

Every second with a switched off camera here is a waste of time. So I managed to spend all the card in ours:) But how on Earth could I have missed that wonderful window views?

We were lucky enough to travel a lot with a train, so I really had a lot of time to enjoy the views and even imagine how locals can spend their days:) I think it must be a very special experience – to live in a small town or village with a lake and mountains all around like that. Can you imagine, waking up with such a views everyday?

My acquaintance with this country stated from an airplane window:

Jut an amazing lazyness!

We’re going to Arosa:

And St.Moritz now:

This castle situated on a high mountain was a real impression. Do you agree? I was more likely to believe it was made as a movie decoration rather than for real life.

On our way to Zurich:

Last photos are showing those cozy towns. I’ve watched people going shopping all talking in front of the local post office. In meanwhile I was trying to imagine what is the life like in that places. Too hard:)

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