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June 2014

  • I love writing. I was always fascinated by how casual words placed in right order suddenly turn into impressive images. I also love to express one idea in 3 different ways enjoying the way they all become so unique and outstanding in their own way. Though the fact you will never see all 3 usually makes me sad.

    But after I met 3 identical announcements in different blogs and in one of e-mail newsletters from my parners, I realized we always talk about HOW, but never about WHY to do smth in Tips&Tricks tag. So today I created no less than 5 reasons to produce unique blog content.

  • FashionTravel

    Where is my flashmob?:)

    by Kseniia
    Помните, как в "Сексе по дружбе" герой Джастина Тимберлейка организовал масштабный и супер-милый флешмоб на Центральном Вокзале Нью-Йорка? Ничего оригинального, но, черт возьми, как же круто! Не удивительно, что после такого, заходя на Grand Central лично, я ждала какого-то чуда… Оно обязательно должно быть в этом невероятном месте с огромными окнами, высокими сводами и жужжащей атмосферой.
  • Articles

    Shopping party at GOODZONE

    by Kseniia

    Dear girls, what a wonderful shopping and party news I have for you today. But sadly it’s for Moscow citizens this time only:( New shopping center GOODZONE is inviting you to the “Hot Fashion Day” on the 29th of June (it’s Sunday).

  • My sister was the one to ask for this post. She always made fun of those her friends saying “How cool is to be Ksusha – to work nowhere, just make photos and travel and be paid for that“. After another such phrase she suggested to show what it’s really like.
  • Our worksTravel

    Feel like me: New York City

    by Kseniia
    This project was somehow born naturally, cause there was no better way to demonstrate our travelling emotions. Alesha once started to take pictures of me taking pictures (don’t go crazy now!) of Riga and they appeared to be so emotional, so real, we decided that they need their own space in blog.
  • A girl should want to be beautiful. If you have curves like booty or stomach – it’s fine! Just do something: paint hair, wear heels. Don’t sit still, eating cakes

    I first met Katya Zharkova at Cosmo birthday party about two years ago. The party was already over, it was dark and cool. We were sitting at the ship restaurant covered in plaids, some people were drinking the last bottle if wine. And Katya in spite of tiredness, in spite of early waking up next morning (because of the shooting or some important meeting – she was in the middle of prepairing new TV-project “There is one secret” at that moment), was shining like our own sun with her optimism, smile and funny stories.

  • FashionOur works

    Riga Fashion Week: final day

    by Kseniia
    I now feel like Riga Fashion Week was ages ago. But that still doesn’t allow me not to show you some photos of the new collection by my love Alexandra Westfal. You will definitely like it! Cause that is the perfect wardrobe for the modern girl: outstanding, active businesswoman who travels a lot. By the way, that collection was even born during the flight! That is why you can see the printed sky in some details.
  • One more very special and incredible place we had a chance to visit in New York City is Shopbop online-store office. It is placed on the two upper levels of the skyscrapper right at the centre of Manhattan. And of course, they also have their own roof terrace, where you can have lunch, meeting or just enjoy outstanding city views. Can there be anything more glossy and perfect in NY? I don’t know, I’ve never seen it:)

  • Girls, cheer up! That is my message for today. Though sometimes it may sound silly… Freankly, it would have sounded silly for me even yesterday, while I was crying over my problems and unreleased projects. I started to scroll Instagram and liked a beautiful photo of a healthy food, when suddenly its author send me a comment how happy she was that her favorite blogger liked her photo! And here it is! My inspiration. It is in you! There are no money, no interviews or charts, that can make with my mood the same, that your comments and reactions are making.

    And this happy moment, making me smile and returning me to the good mood, also presented me a new post idea! Why not to skip away from the reality into the most exotic, the most beautiful places on Earth? Places that are loved by glossy photographers from all over the world. Don’t expect any hectic megapolices or dark factories! Only peace, only pleasure, only peaceful happiness. Are you ready for the most inspiring journey of your, hm… day?:) Than let’s go!

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