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Bond&Stinson: say “hi” to your true man

by Kseniia

OK, ladies, if you want to still be named the main shopaholic in family, please, put your men away from the screens now:) Ready? Good, let’s start then. Back in February we received an interesting proposal: to make man suit in an atelier. Regarding the fact that it was new and interesting experience for both of us, we headed to Bond&Stinson immediately. And at the atelier… I had nothing to do but to admit that I know nothing about men sewing, especially about modern sewing practised in this atelier.

But it was so fascinating! So hurry up for further reading to find out the datails.

Honestly, it was hard to stop myself from naming this post "Where boys turn man":) Aleshka is not quite a lover of business suits, so watching him walking through New York in shirt and jacket was so unusual. But yet very beautiful!

As much as I’m now surprised by Alesha’s outfit, I was surprised by the process of creating his jacket. First of all, I realized that Bond&Stinson atelier had nothing to do with an atelier full of old ladies and fat man with sigars, I imagined. In light and stylish room Evgeniy, spectacular owner of the atelier, was waiting for us. And I won’t exaggerate saying that even I wanted to be like him and wear suits, what to say about his male visitors! Everything in this atelier felt democratic yet with good taste: attitude, furnishings, possitioning. Such kind of heaven for modern young businessmen. That is why Bond&Stinson cares so much about keeping affordable prices but providing clients with luxorious servise. And I should admit – they are doing it perfectly! For example, one shirt in this atelier would cost no more than 5 000 rubles, what is not that much for your personalized shirt, agree? That is the kind of atelier very popular in Europe now: 500 dollars instead of 5 000, 3-4 weeks instead of 3-4 months. Ideal for modern life rhythm:)

It’s really easy to create a suit of your dream (well, of your men’s dream, actually) in Bond&Stinson. You can choose everything from the fabrics (we looked through around 15 catalogues) up to the smallest details: buttons color, collar shape, etc. They also have some wonderful exclusives, like the different size of sleeve – it isn’t seen visualy, but can be really helpful for those used to wear watches. Atelier employees never push on their opinion, but they tell everything about latest trends and rules, though they still can give some advice in case you’re overfantasing with the design.

After the choice goes fitting. Bond&Stinson has some standart patterns that they modeficate for each client’s needs. That helps them to do everything faster. It couldn’t be easy with Alesha, trust me: he is tall, very skinny with broad shoulders. Evgeniy quickly made all the measures needed and in four weeks Alesha tried on a perfect jacket that fitted as if he was born in it! And in case you’re not that lucky, you still can fix your suit without additional charge.

To summ it all up, I want to say that you, girls, shouldn’t be afraid of such places like Bond&Stinson. Everything is very modern, fast and democratic there. And believe me, there is no shop in the world, where you can buy jacket fitting as perfect as a jacket made to measure. I hade a chance to see it with my eyes!

И еще несколько кадров, когда мне снова доверили охранять фотоаппарат:

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