5 reasons to create unique blog content

by Kseniia

I love writing. I was always fascinated by how casual words placed in right order suddenly turn into impressive images. I also love to express one idea in 3 different ways enjoying the way they all become so unique and outstanding in their own way. Though the fact you will never see all 3 usually makes me sad.

But after I met 3 identical announcements in different blogs and in one of e-mail newsletters from my parners, I realized we always talk about HOW, but never about WHY to do smth in Tips&Tricks tag. So today I created no less than 5 reasons to produce unique blog content.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the totally new posts about the themes no one yet talked about. Gosh, there is no that perfect Anna Wintour on Earth for that! I can’t even think of one such kind theme, can you? I now eager to speak about the situations you really need to publish press-materials or pre-written announcement and why not just to copy-paste them?

It is really important to show even the most trivial theme from a new angle for a good blogger. Before we begin, let’s remember any popular bloggers: Chiara, Leandra, Andy, Gala, Nicole, Jessica. Amy… And now try to find at least one copy-pasted text in theirs’ blogs! Here it is! And trust me, they have tons of them to be published cause they work with partners regulary and way more often we do.

Speed is not our priority

It’s a shame (what I actually mean is luck), but that are how things are. Blog is not a news agency and no one is forced to publish hot news (and that is not that interesting at all, agree, guys?). Your readers love you for your opinion, humour and unexpected visual materials which are often hard to find for big glossy web-sites (they are buying all the same photos in photobanks and not taking or drawing pictures themselves).

Of course, there is always spot for an exception. Once I wal lucky enough to be the first writing about Versace and H&M collaboration. My post appeared at the Livejournal landing page and it goes without saying my traffic increased enormously that day. But it was long time ago and to pray about another chance is like to pray about the second jackpot per night in one casino. So I prefer to think before talk. Let the news agencies do their job.

If you are going to write about seasonal thrends, think of what you personally are going to try for the first time. Or make paralleles with the past fashion or the traditional clothes of different countries, why not? If you are to discuss celebrities outfits, show how you personaly would wear something like that. If you need to tell about the web-store discounts, chose what you are going to buy there or through a poll to find out the most popular shoe/bags/anything model or even write ten reasons to shop during sales. And don’t forget to rewrite newsletter phrases first:)

We have already talked with Katya Tsarkova about the importance of an interesting content. Time for a quick review:)

Readers are the first

The first reason is followed logically ne the second. Do you still remember what were people saying about blogs 5 or 6 years ago? Move on, magazines, people trust real people more. So many things have changes since than, bloggin turned into great industry, magazines refused tomove, but one thing will always remain the same: readers interests are the priority. I’m sure, you, guys, yourselfs would never return in the blog with the official, emotions-free texts. So why says your readers have any kind of special psyhologies?

I can easily get any news via other sourses. And I use blogs to receive some inspiration and to chat with girls like me.

Before you start reading, put yourself in your readers shoes and think: do I really want to know that? Right here, right now? If yes, what type of information would appeal to me the most? So that I would be happy to come back tomorrow for a new dose of inspiration and art?

You are what your text is

I am what I eat. Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. That all is so true. But there is one more truth for us: you are what your text is. Even if you don’t include many personal opinion and emotions in your posts, the way you chose information, re-write it and present it is still smth to describe your personality.

And do you really want to be assosiated with the boring "some key pieces of the season are thin cotton shirts, linen jackets, pants and shorts, silk dresses and tops"? As well as with ten or so other bloggers to also publish this text, but making it alittle quicker?

I’m searching you

If you’re still scared to death by SEO-optimisation needs, welcome here.

Looked through? OK, let’s go on now. In case you understand you won’t be the one and only to write about any trend/event/collection (ESPECIALLY in that case, I would rather say) you should be twice as carefull to produce a unique text.

Because otherwise there is no chance for you to be detected by the searching engine.

By the way, here goes one more tip: if you have chosen the popular theme to write about, nake sure your text is not shorter that 300 words. Or it will be identified as copy-pasted any way. That is quite logical, actually: the shorter the text is, the more chances you will use the same words as others.

Do you remember those scary sites, checking if we have wrote our work or downloaded it? They can not be our enemies but helpers as well. Cause you can check how unique your blog post is! In percents:) Go HERE, for example.

Working ads

And finally there are always 15 clever advertisers choosing hardworking, creative bloggers versus one strange advertiser working with plagiator. Always remember that!

So think what you write and write what you think. And people will follow you:)

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