Inspiration of the month: Elizabeth Gilbert

by Kseniia
That started somehow unplanned, by itself. One day I just realized I’m not floating in a life river anymore, but trying to swim myself. In other words, I was tired of waiting for the perfect world to be gifted from the above, beneath or aside and started to look for it around me and inside me, making all I can look more perfect and getting closer to that wonderful (and unknown before!) harmony with my inner I.

I can clearly remember the moment I first felt this warmth and peace inside me, like someone was hugging me, saying that everything goes just right, that I don’t need to prove anything or hurry anywhere anymore. I was going back home. Late at night. By bus. And it was raining. But for me it was a perfect time. The time I have found my life happiness.

And before that was a painful need to publish American photos where I was pictured with 4 extra kilos (ok-ok, just go and compare now:) ), disgust from my Instagram account feed with its useless and hypocritical people, lack of ideas, tiredness and hopeless. That is probably how wheel hamster can feel if he ever realizes he is a wheel humster.

I started with sports. You know that those 1,5 gym hours bring my thoughts in order. And the body followed the thoughts: I turned back to constant trainings, lost 2 kilos in a week detox programm and re-read my favorite macrobiotic book at the same time. That was the first step to the healthy eating and cooking. Afterwards I re-read another book – "Parisian and her style" – to improve my appearance and to become inspired to care about my beautiness more. But only the third book of the month presented me the person to be inspired by – Elizabeth Gilberth, "Eat, Pray, Love" hero and author. She gave up everything for a year long journey towards herself.

My actions are not so radical, but my situation is far from hers as well. 🙂 Thanks to Elizabeth I now know how to listen to myself and get rid of everything passing by. Though I’m still far from true dzen, I can’t wait to share my emotions and my happiness with you.
In case you’re moving in the same direction, feel free to use hashtag "programmaidealniymir" in Instagram. Show us the photos of how you’re improving your world and get inspired yourself. It can be anything on Earth: sport, cooking, new book or old promises. Let our photos speak for themselves!
Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)
I’m wearing:
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