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June 2017

  • Books always had a special place in my life. I remember myself being a little girl – every day I was playing outside with my friends, secretly wishing mum to call me back home as soon as possible. Of course, I would pretend I wanted to play more – all kids did that! The only difference – they really wanted to stay outside till late while I waited impatiently for the moment I could stay alone in my bed with another book. To be honest, what exactly I was reading was never that important for me. I was equally exited to start a new adventure with a brave boy exploring Australian animals, to red encyclopedias about stars and deserts, hmm, I was even reading adult magazines that I, thank God, was too young to understand. The main point was TO READ.

  • Being a blogger is not only about describing your favourite spots, music or sharing your knowledge on a cute little page online. Sometimes you also have to be a great partner – first of all, for brands who love your style, your work and want to collaborate. How to be not only a successful online writer, but also a cool influencer and ambassador I asked Anne Buttar – the creative mind behind Wonderland Firm, PR and social media agency based in Wellington. 

  • Did you ever have this feeling of a prefect match with a town, like you’ve always belonged here though you’re only visiting it as a tourist for a couple of days? Unfortunately, along with this wonderful feeling normally comes another one. Not that shiny and bright. A feeling of being an outsider, someone who can not overcome the difficulties of moving to this place of your dreams. It can be either because of the language you don’t know, expensive cost of living that a new comer can never afford or simply visas restrictions. But here is a deal: if you really want to experience living somewhere else why not to move for a while and work remotely to finance your new lifestyle? Here is my personal top of places where I don’t want to move forever, but would spend some time with the greatest pleasure. Let’s go?

  • Sometimes Alex says that instead of watching YouTube vlogs, I’d better watched several recipes by Gordon Ramsay… And I thought an ability to switch on the oven without burning your house was already cool enough in this era of take aways and frozen food:) But I should admit – creativity in the kitchen is definitely not my strongest point. That is why I was really excited to meet Liv Glazebrook from the Lewis Road Creamery and learn some new delicious breakfast ideas. After all, who else could come up with something amazing if not the New Product Development Manager? Here to the next many years of the French Toast for breakfast – no creativity, remember? Well, at least this one is totally worth being a constant habit.

  • There are a lot of very attracting products around us and sometimes we are ready to spend the whole salary on a new gadget or some cool innovative prototype from Kickstarter. Especially me, I can put a device on the wishlist right after it was announced. And here comes the idea of this blog post – to share some of the cool products with you and to inspire you. Maybe some of them can be a good present for your family or friends, others can be a very good present for yourself. Get inspired and share in comments, what you found the most attractive and cool.

  • FashionLifestyle

    Hello busy June!

    by Kseniia

    Did I ever mention that winter always made me feel more active, determinant and inspired than ever? I used to credit my Birthday for that (which is in December – you know, the REAL winter month, cause winter in June still seems freaking weird to me) – who wouldn’t want to achieve all the goals before setting the new ones? Idea that definitely makes you get out of your shell and do something. But this June shows me how wrong I was my whole life. Despite not having Birthday this month (I wouldn’t mind, though), I am super inspired and looking forward to all the upcoming events and opportunities anyway.

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