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Our favourite New Zealand fashion brands

by Kseniia

This article is a second part of our special project devoted to local businesses. For those of you who missed the first one, here are our favourite New Zealand food brands.

There are a lot of designers and fashion houses in New Zealand. Some of them, like Trelise Cooper or Zambesi, are widely known outside the country. Some of them are only starting their route to fame.

But they all have several positive points in common. First of all, in New Zealand “local” mostly really means “local”: clothes are designed and made in New Zealand using local fabrics or raw materials. Again, I say “mostly” – there are always exceptions, of course, but the trend is obvious. And secondly, you can easily find really affordable fashion brand here. Many designers, especially those who launched their businesses not so long ago, try to keep democratic prices to allow wider audience to buy what they produce. And that is so amazing! I always tried to support designers of the countries I lived in. But till the last week I was a student here, which obviously means limited budget. And even so, I still could afford wearing unique clothes made with love and care by wonderful people.

Here is our own Top-5 of local brands. They are fairly priced, beautiful and have inspiring stories behind. Combo!


My Boyfriends Back

My Boyfriends Back is a clothing label from Wellington founded by Dani Burkhart. Or from a windy backyard of New Zealand’s capital – Wairarapa, to be more precise. Which only adds to the image of the brand, do you agree? Though Dani loves a touch of drama and dark aesthetics, she is also attracted to romance and feminine silhouettes. And for me, the latest dominate. I would say, her clothes are a perfect fit for modern creative business girls, who love to be dressed beautifully, but value comfort at the same time. Though her coats and dresses are really easy to wear, there is always something unusual about them: textures, decorations, asymmetric cuts. Something that attracts attention.

My favourite grey Melody Long Sleeve Dress costs only $149. The coolest Roamer Coat is $317 and it is currently sold out! All because of my photo on its page (ha, just kidding! But I’m super pleased:) ).

Web-site: hebeboutique.com/collections/my-boyfriends-back


New Zealand fashion brand sounds great. But NZ fashion brand with a store in Tauranga is even better, right? Shopping in my favourite city on Earth is still a struggle for me, but with stores like Blakchaos at the Mount things start to get slightly better.

Here you can find the latest collections of Chaos&Harmony – shoe brand by Rebecca Anderson. She creates boots, heels, sandals for women “who know what they want”: confident, sexy, fierce. Her shoes are a statement. Something that turns casual outfit into a street style, if you know what I mean.

My favourite Katie platform sandals are $299. But I would recommend to wait till July, 10th – the day when the Spring/Summer collection hits the stores. More new styles, more options to choose form! They also have Blakchaos store in Auckland, but are sold by different stockists pretty much all over New Zealand.

Web-site: chaosandharmonyshoes.com


Blak is another brand from the Blakchaos boutique. And it is all about fancy clothes. Here you will find all the wardrobe essentials you can only think about: romantic blouses, oversized sweaters and relaxed cardis, pleated skirts and mind-blowing velvet evening dresses. While being moderate in terms of colours, they are super reach in textures. Each piece is so nice to touch and to wear!

You know I am a huge fan of unusual blouses. I have God only knows how many of them in my wardrobe already, but this velvet Stevie top ($229) was impossible to miss! Looks awesome. I love that sexy twist it adds to a casual look. And by the way, this Shimmer skirt from the Blak LUXE line is now on sale and is only $149, wow!



You already know all about Home-Lee from our collaboration with Anna Shone, Nelson-based designer. I’m happy to see how quickly her business grows. But along with the increasing numbers, there are always new ideas and silhouettes as well. Anna sticks with her comfy, clean and simple vision but adds some creativity in every collection.

For example, my winter favourite is the striped dress made of cotton/elastane fabric. Should admit, it is such a perfect option for winter! Warm and 100% cosy. Love it. And it is only $124.95!

Web-site: home-lee.co.nz

Wicken Jewellery

Wicken was one of the first local brands I discovered. And I was absolutely fascinated by the inspiring story behind it. After surviving a life threatening incident on a plane, Kim Mackay launched her jewellery brand. It is based on empowering and healing symbols. So you don’t only wear them to be beautiful, but to become more successful, confident and optimistic. How cool is that?

Though there are some golden pieces that might cost as much as $689 in her collection, you can also find awesome rings or earrings for $69-$89. And trust me, they are not a tiny bit worse!


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