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Hello busy June!

by Kseniia

Did I ever mention that winter always made me feel more active, determinant and inspired than ever? I used to credit my Birthday for that (which is in December – you know, the REAL winter month, cause winter in June still seems freaking weird to me) – who wouldn’t want to achieve all the goals before setting the new ones? Idea that definitely makes you get out of your shell and do something. But this June shows me how wrong I was my whole life. Despite not having Birthday this month (I wouldn’t mind, though), I am still super inspired and looking forward to all the upcoming events and opportunities.

Every new month begins with updating my calendar. Don’t worry I am not going to torture you with one of those “how I write my diary” videos. If I enjoy all that planning, choosing personal stickers for each event and coloring upcoming blog posts in different colors, doesn’t mean you would. While going through my June calendar, I understood I’m after so many things this month, I can hardly fit them into the tiny squares! To tell you the truth, it made me feel so proud of myself and so eager to start immediately… But all monthly plans have one important thing in common – they only happen on a particular day, not at once. No matter how hard you want them to happen right now.

So while hugging and admiring my beautiful new calendar, I was thinking – if I can’t make my cool plans come true all at once, at least I can FEEL like a business person. Because who else has that many plans if not a super cool successful business lady? That I’m certainly not, not now, but again – wouldn’t mind to become. “Fake it until you make it”, right? Well, ok, that sounds satisfying. Sort of:)

And in this case everything was on my side: photoshoot in Auckland, new boots and some awesome pieces by the local brand My Boyfriends Back. Wow, this coat is so amazing! I feel like a superstar wearing it – all in, occupied and pretty special. After some time of being relaxed and casual, wearing heels and skirts again is something I really needed to get a different perspective on a daily life. Truly do clothes turn us into a brand new personalities!

What a great way to start this month! And how was yours?

I’m wearing:

My Boyfriends Back Dress&Coat
NOW Boots

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