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All Czech posts (and thousands of new photos! Even of a cat)

by Kseniia

Oh no, you know, guys, how much do I hate posts like this one? Of course, there’s nothing cooler, than look through all the photos and videos once again. But that’s only one side of a coin. And on the other side, it means that the journey you was thinking about for the last 6 months belongs now to the past. Isn’t it sad? But I hope, it only means, that new adventures are about to come! And while I wait, let’s one more time have a look on everything we posted about Skoda test-drive in Czech, we visited this summer. Are you ready for a fast drive?

2015 was a jubilee year for Skoda and that was the reason to organize the biggest test-drive, I’ve ever seen:) 3 groups of overall 50 journalists and bloggers arrived in Czech to have a ride on newest cars, that weren’t even in stock in Russia at the moment, as well as get to know the history of the brand better and feel what was it like to drive 50-60 or even 110 years ago.

But let’s have a look back step by step. First of all we shared our impression in an article “How we went across Czech on new (and very old!) cars for the second time!” If you ever wondered, how a tour like that might look – here is a detailed instruction.

In a result, oltimers turned to be way more interesting (and photogenic), so we posted really a lot about them. I was so inspired, that even changed my costume to a historical one in order to pose in front of a really beautiful car. YOu can see the result in “90 years since: Skoda 110” (honestly, one of my favorite shootings of me now!).

It goes without saying, that we had to show a detailed history of how a bike once turned into a car. That’s how “Historical Tour 2015, or 110 years of history” article was born. And if you will also love this lovely cars (I’m sure you will, if not yet!), welcome to the “Skoda screen savers” (suitable for iPhones and tablets as well).

And if you are about to leave for Prague, make sure your hotel has a nice history, that includes monks, Middle Ages and a city center, of course. Like it is for a place from our reportage “Where to stay in Prague: hotel with a history Augustine“.

That’s how our trip looked like. Hope, you enjoyed it! Cause we certainly did:)


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