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We’re back!

by Kseniia

Hi everyone! God only knows how much I missed these cosy evenings of writing in blog with one hand (cause the other one is busy holding a huge cup of tea). Since the last update lots has changed. And I’m extremely happy to finally have some time and share the news with you.

As they say, something new starts when something old ends. So, in June me and Alex graduated from our college, where we’ve been studying since September 2016. And a hell of a lot of things started to happen immediately. First of all, we suddenly realised it is way more challenging to update blog, when you don’t have full-time classes any more (I must admit, that was the time when most of our posts were born, haha). 

Winter in Tauranga turned to be so active and exciting, that we truly struggled to find time for everything we wanted to see and do. Instead of sitting in front of our computers we dived into so many new adventures and opportunities – looking back at the last 1,5 months, I can’t believe we actually managed to do all that: new jobs, new destinations, new photoshoots, new friends… This list is almost endless!

If you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel or our Instagram accounts (@thestylejungle and @alexeyspodyneyko), you should already know, that we’ve been to Rotorua, Whakatane and Taupo in the last 2 months (I’m writing this post seconds after we’re back from Taupo, by the way – nothing inspires more than a weekend getaway). And we will definitely share our travel guides with you soon. We also have so much more: beauty tips, giveaways, interviews. Though we might have disappeared from the blog for a while, trust me, we never stopped creating new content. The only problem is how to deliver that enormous number of posts to you now. Looks like me and Alex need to work on our schedules to squeeze in the regular updates:)

By the way, I kinda like this idea of starting every month with an update on our life, sharing my thoughts and plans with you. I did it several times already (remember this June post, for example?) and I plan to continue. It helps me to wrap the previous month up and to stay focused for the next one. But I would love to know what do you, guys, think of this idea? Are you interested in these more personal posts or would prefer to stick with travels, food, fashion and all things theStyleJungle?

And finally, the news I simply can’t ignore. I’m now working as a digital editor for UNO. magazine. The one me and Alex were writing articles for this whole time (here are some of them). Which for me literally means living a dream life. Every morning I wake up with a smile on my face, take a bus to the Mount and spend a day at our beautiful office doing things I absolutely love – updating our website and social media, basically doing everything related to a digital world of a magazine. How cool is that? Honestly, I still don’t believe it’s true and have to pinch myself every now and then. You all know how much being a journalist means to me, and being an English-speaking journalist means twice as much (needless to say, how unconfident yet proud I am about every sentence, every paragraph and every feature I write!).

Working at the Mount, undoubtedly the most beautiful and well-known area of Tauranga, means I now have an opportunity to see the beach and, of course, the Mount every day. Things get even easier with the amazing bikes we have at the office. Roll Fixies are the bikes all our readers can grab FOR FREE (when I’m not cycling along the beach during my lunch break, of course). So on one of those sunny winter days when Alex was not working, he came at our place and we enjoyed the beautiful day taking this vibrant photos along the way. Aren’t they saying about my current mood more than all the words I’ve written?:) 

I’m wearing:

Bra top, Top, Legskins Courage My Love

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