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  • Let’s admit it – this world runs on food! Seriously, what is always a must do activity while traveling? To try local cuisine! You might not even think of local dances, local designers or local way of shaking hands (who knows?), but you are always looking forward to some new culinary experiences. And what do we do when we’re upset? Eat sweets! Ok, some of us do think shopping works better in that case, but after hours and hours of strolling around the mall you will anyway find yourself buying a large box of donuts with some naughty plans on those bad boys, aren’t you? And finally, what do we normally get as a present when we’re unsure about the tastes of the Birthday person? A bottle of wine and candies (that is how it’s normally done in Russia, at least). Guess, you got the idea – we explore the world and create memories through food. So make sure you choose the best places while traveling. Here are my recommendations on where to eat in Hawke’s Bay.

  • Those stereotypes about New Zealand as a boring and slow place make me smile every time I read another “smart” comment on my Facebook page. I mean, guys, I can’t imagine how to see and try everything even our unique Bay of Plenty has to offer, saying nothing about the rest of the country! Just have a look at the youngest Volcanic Valley in the world we explored on my Birthday a month ago – isn’t it just incredible? Any more comments on being bored to stay thousands km away from the rest of the planet?

  • Though the oldest wine region of New Zealand Hawke’s Bay looked intriguing from the very beginning, our journey turned to be beyond any expectations. I don’t know, why it happens sometimes, but something just clicks and you find yourself in the middle of the most perfect trip you could have imagined. That is exactly what happened to us in Hawke’s Bay – we were absolutely enjoying every single moment of being there. Even the one, struggling on the 5 km route around Te Mata peak, melting under the super hot sun and sweating make up (in my case) of:) We loved every corner and view, had only delicious food and met lots of amazing people. The secret behind such a wonderful trip? Plan it yourself! Only you guys know what is perfect for you. Not the Internet, not an experienced guide, it’s you! And this time we planned everything ourselves, so I decided to describe this 3 days tour around Hawke’s Bay for you to know what to start from, if you’re also planning to explore this welcoming region.

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    Birthday lunch at Terrace Kitchen Rotorua

    by Kseniia

    You don’t get a perfect Birthday every year, agree? Otherwise there is nothing special in those that really stand out. But sipping on the sweet Chai Latte at the sunny Kitchen Terrace in Rotorua yesterday I noticed a lady next to me reading my article in the new issue of UNO. magazine. Gosh, I was so happy and surprised! And at that moment I knew for sure – my 27th Birthday is definitely the most amazing ever! So I wanted to share that relaxed yet exiting atmosphere of my special day with you today.

  • What do people normally do in December? Well, besides rushing out for Christmas presents, of course:) Planning the future year, what else! If you’re currently in the middle of choosing a new exciting destination to discover in 2017, here I am with my calendar of the best places for each month of the year. Because the right weather is obviously at least 50% of your good emotions while traveling. Who wants to spend beach holidays hiding from the rain, or skiing in a nasty dirt instead of a fluffy snow? So the perfect approach to planning a travel is to always start from checking the high season.

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    A small piece of Saint-Petersburg

    by Kseniia

    Summer for me is a time to visit Saint-Petersburg and it’s suburbs. That is because in last couple of years we have been to this city for several times. So it became an unexpected, but really cool tradition. It is always awesome to be on a road, stop at gas stations, have coffee, snacks. This feeling is definitely one of my favourites. This autumn we talked a lot about our summer trip to suburbs of Saint-Petersburg, but one thing is still missing – photo story of our day in this amazing city.

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    Austrian skiing resorts: Bad Gastein

    by Kseniia

    There are two types of mountains: beautiful and super-beautiful. But there is also a third category – mountains, that will change your life forever! I don’t know why, but Alps for me are exactly like that! Everything is very special about this place: landscapes, people, sunrises seen through the terrace, food. My first experience of exploring the Alps was in Switzerland. And I left my heart there forever! Who knew, Austrian Alps would be so familiar but so new at the same time. No matter, if you’re in love with the mountains like me or didn’t have a chance to become a fan yet, while visiting Europe’s most skiing country, you will definitely discover all the advantages of winter holidays.

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    Saint Petersburg suburbs: Tsarskoye Selo

    by Kseniia

    If only I had to choose two of my favorite SPb palaces, I would definitely name Oranienbaum and Tsarskoe Selo. Visited the last one for three times and never ever got bored! This place, known not only as a hometown for many Russian Empresses, but also as a city where the most famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin lived and studied, is equally fabulous for those eager to learn more about the history of the world’s largest country as well as for those who are just looking for a picturesque place to have a walk and take a couple of remarkable Instagram pictures.

  • Have you ever heard, that in order to truly understand new country, you’d better get out of the capital? The real Italy is somewhere around the sunny wineries with welcoming homestyle cafes serving hot pizzas and lemonade. The real Sweden is on tiny islands surrounded by cold waves and winds, where cozy and warm hotels as small as two rooms are offering huge fresh fish and a company of the giant but kind dog. Of course, New Zealand is not like any other country in the world, but in this case there are no exceptions. But anyway, do not ignore Wellington while exploring New Zealand, cause the capital can surprise not only with its nature, but with the city attractions, that you won’t find anywhere else in the Country of the Long White Cloud. 

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