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To tell you the truth, I planned to post this video tomorrow, but somehow my body refused to take a nap (let’s see what my brain will think about it tomorrow at 10 in the morning during the first meeting!), so, my dear midnight guests, let’s meditate on this peaceful video with a beautiful Saimaa lake nature in Finland together. And hope for happy and colorful dreams:)

Lake Saimaa in Finland is the 4th biggest freshwater lake in Europe. It means, it’s big enough to fit more than 13 000 islands, that turn it into a real water labyrinth. It means, it’s shore length is about 15 000 kilometers. It means it is approximately as big as Belgium. It means, it is very, very-y big:)

And unbelievable beautiful. Saimaa is so calm and friendly during this time of the year and nature around is timeless and frozen, but so close and welcoming at the same time. Looks like all those forests and fields are truly happy for each visitor, this water is ready to provide each guest with an amazing and interesting things to do. Fortunately, there are so many towns and villages, each with its unique offers of timespending, all around, that you just have no chance to get borred. Cozy, original cottages of Mikkeli, fantastic middle centuries castle and 100 years old boats of Savonlinna or a real lake safari in between rocky islands of Linnansaari national park. There are also wonderful fishing (that salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner is always in my heart!), rock paintings that are up to 5 000 years old, canoes, saunas of all types, organic strawberries and so much more in there…

All week, we’ve been there with Alesha, I couldn’t get enough of those views: foggy and full of mystery in the mornings, shiny and kind during the day and so sparkling at nights. And how lucky we are to buy additional battery to our copter right before this trip! Twice as much flying during the day – and here we go with a fantastic video-memories about Saimaa lake and its stunning surroundings in details. Of course, detailed videos about each region we visited are yet to come, but let’s begin with a little preview of this atmosphere!

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