“Gorky Gorod” in Sochi – one year since

by Kseniia

I’ve been thinking recently, that my editor’s experience is probably an obstacle in being absolutely natural and honest in blog. Following those journalism rules, I try to fit our posts into sections, themes, formats. For example, after our February trip to Sochi mountains I planned to make an article about new restaurants, that’ve opened there since our last visit a year ago. But blog isn’t really about that, is it? In my opinion, blog is all about favorite mountains, you can never get enough of, about hotel breakfasts, when the bright sun makes you cry, about silly games till the sunrise, about the money, lost somewhere on the slopes, about so delicious, but really unglamorous grilled food, about friends, whom you’re ready to go anywhere with (Sochi and Мiami to begin with). Can I just get rid of all that? Shall I? No, I don’t – decided I today. That is why this article will have no structure, but many honest emotions instead.

Because it’s just impossible to stay neutral, when in mountains. When you only feel this fresh air, that makes your head spin a little, you immediately want to grab a board and run to the highest peak – to say hello to the dearest nature and join it while sliding down the slope.

Why would Krasnaya Polyana always have a special place in my own top of ski resorts? Because it’s some kind of Russian fenomenon. You know, that we all have a lot of stereotypes, that prevent us from traveling inside the country: servise, comfort, safety, roads… And you get nervous as soon as an airplain lands in the Adler airport. But the scenery in "Gorky Gorod" is way different from even the best expectations! Everything is made so good and with the best quality in here! And what I’ve learned this time – it only gets better every season. A lot of new cafes, hotels and servises were opened here within the last year. 

By the way, we’ve chosen one of this "newbees" as a place to stay this time. Design hotel Dolina 960 is located on the second level of two, where all the hotels are concentrated – and, to my mind, is just in a perfect position:  just 2-3 minutes walk from the lifts but far enough in order not to be desturbed by a 24/7 noise. It becomes clear, that the design of this hotel is made to contrast the calm colors of mountains, while yet in a lobby: everything is decorated with bright, pop colors. Saying nothing about Roy Lichtenstein pictures in a restaurant.

Obviously, exactly the restaurant was the place I remembered the most and with the best emotions:) Besides the colorful prints on the walls, there are also white asymmetric tables, mirrors and a ponoramic windows. We were lucky enough to feel warm sun, that loaded us with good mood, cheers and anticipation.

The number of dishes might look a little too limited, but I was so happy with the table of nuts and dried fuits, that didn’t bother about anything else:) 

Rooms in Dolina 960 are wide, bright and colorful as well. My favorite idea of live-cameras translated to the TV was also here:) You can’t imagine, how funny it is to watch online, what’s happening right now in different corners of the resort:) Better than any movie!:)

Frankly speaking, after all I liked apartaments, we’ve talked about a year ago, a little more, First of all, because cooking in your own kitchen is obviously cheaper:) Secondly, because apart-hotel is located on the 540 level, where most of the cafes and shops are also situated and it’s way more convenient to not depend upon lifts, while trying to figure out your schedule. But I didn’t regret staying in the hotel for a change at all!

What I especially love about Sochi mountains is how easily you can stay all alone with the nature and your own thoughts during the day and at the same time find a great company to party with at the evenings. Because there are always so many familiar people staying at the resort at the same time. Honestly, all you need to do is to look through the geo-tag in Instagram and invite all of them to join you for dinner. Somehow you feel, that in winter this destination attracts the whole world! What a chance to meet people you haven’t seen for a long time or have just met before leaving Moscow, but missed already! You suddenly understand, how close are all your friends and colleagues to you – there are no borders for a fun life!

Our main meeting point this time was the new Burger Pub "Good place", which we accidently entered while looking for dinner during the first evening and stayed at forever:) It’s always loud and joyfully in here, cause people around, who also didn’t expect to meet their friends, are sharing their impressions about the skiing day, greeting each other, ordering local beer (that is really cheap!) and high-end burgers with the best beef. Yes, it’s quite fancy in here:)

Unfortunately, this cafe was closed all day long when we were leaving, so I don’t know, whether it’s still available, but according to the official web-site everything is fine and they are ready to serve new guests:) 

The best way to spend free time after snowboarding (and, trust me, there is always plenty of it, cause slopes are only available till 17.00) is just to have a walk around. Do your best to enjoy the warmest weather you can meet in February! Despite my childhood in Tashkent, I’m anyway really surprized each time:)

Wherever would you go, you will anyway see those amazing mountains. Most of all I appreciate the moments like that – when they are moody and covered in the clouds as a gentle remind of their sleeping power, that we somehow have forgotten about, believing that we have had conquered the mountains completely. 

And I’m pretty sure, that no matter, how many times we’ve been there, how many foreign ski resorts are yet to be seen, we will always return in here. Cause it’s just impossible not to return to the place, where your heart is.


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