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LASALLE – Singapore College of the Arts, or why you’re about to want studying once again

by Kseniia

Visit another side of Earth to find out you really miss all those classes, exams, libraries, long courseworks and vacations? That is so me! But how could you not catch the “study fever”, when schools in Singapore feel like home? The country that only celebrates 50 years of history (pre-historical period of colony doesn’t counts!) is pretty much concerned by its education and puts all the best and creative in this part of life. That’s why local libraries look more like archive from “Men in Black”, school yards are decorated by small lakes for meditation and all people from all over the world want is to become a part of this wonderful, ultra modern and highly professional life.

I was lucky to visit 2 of Singapore famous schools: french business school INSEAD with one of the world’s best MBA course, and LASALLE – College of the Arts that can make any person really creative:) I will show the second one in details today.

Singapore College of the Art amazes as you only get there. It is a complex of six buildings, looking like a regular rectangle from the outside. With an absolute triumph of fantasy inside:) Spectacular glass walls allow to see everything that is going on inside the college at the moment – from a small coffee shop on the first floor up to the different classes above the several levels of library with cozy armchairs.

In between the buildings there is a wonderful green yard with a fontain and, I’m sure, very brilliant but way to avangard for me sculpture. There is one more level of rooms under the yard, by the way, with a cozy stairs that can easily be turned into benches for outdoor classes or just a quick lunch with friends

LASALLE is quite new place – it was only opened in 2007. Those days this country was already known for its modern architecture and cool design. So there is no surprise that college is so up to date and well organized. It’s also very important for arts students to always stay inspired. Walking there in between the buildings, even I felt some kind of a strong wish to do something extraordinary:) I also felt some kind of jealous to those 2 100 students that have a chance to study here cartoons or toys design, fashion show photography, sound producing and film making, all kind of dances and so on every year. Just imagine, how cool it must be! I’m sure, it’s not easy at all, but inspiring words are drawn all over the glass walls to remember the students what they came here for.

By the way, any person can look at the results of their work at the exhibitions here.

Most of all I enjoyed the exhibition of clothes design students. Surprisingly, I noticed here way more creativity and authenticity than at the pop-up store of well-known local designers the day before.

Study cost in Singapore is far from cheap and even with the special grant a year in LASALLE will cost you around 7 000 dollars. But there is one more huge advantage in grant beside saving money. It obliges you to stay at Singapore for 3 years after graduating. Not bad, huh?:) Especially knowing that 90% of graduates of this college get the job in 3 months.

Some more photos from LASALLE:

So, how do you find this place? Do you want to study in something like that?:)

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