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Old town in Riga. You will never want to leave!

by Kseniia

There are such places, you want to get back to again and again. Sometimes it seems like you can literally spend all your life in there. That is exactly how I feel about Riga. It was obviously love from the first sight. From the first step at an airport, from the first breath, from the first sound. I’m completely in love with its Old City and I’m pretty sure this love is mutual.

Have you ever had this feeling of being a welcomed local in a city you’re actually for the first time in? When the vibes are made for you, when you are connected? It may sound strange, but there is really some mental connection with the cities, that suit you. That is how I always feel in Moscow, New York, Milan, our cozy Tauranga and Riga, of course. 

Every time we arrive there, we spend at least one day just wondering around the city center. Riga can be different, but for me it’s all about narrow old streets, Dome square, Saint Peter’s Cathedral, the House of the Blackheads, that amazing building with the cats on top… Riga consists of memories, feelings and details, I can close my eyes and have a tour around those stoned streets at any time. And you (if you do not live in Riga) can have a look at out photos instead. And if there won’t be enough, don’t forget to ckeck Ksusha’s view on this city. Though she still has no idea how to navigate there (after visiting it five times!!), trust me, she loves this place not an inch less. 


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