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  • Jarvisydan invites you to celebrate an International Women’s Day with them for free!

    We promised you a free dream trip – and here it is! Those, who read our “best of the year” post, understood quickly, that we’re going to send you to the country, we personally enjoyed the most in 2015.  

    A wonderful Finnish hotel Jarvisydan invites our readers to celebrate 8th of March in a Middle Century romantic atmosphere and a true winter fairy tale. I simly can’t believe how lucky will be one of you soon! Cause this place might be amazing in summer, but winter is actually the time it stands out.

  • FashionLifestyle

    Just a few hours before 2016

    by Kseniia

    It’s really hard to believe, that we’re about to seat around the table with family, salads (mine – without meat!) and presents. It’s really hard to believe, that a year had pased since we were spending holidays with Alesha in our new, a bit yet unusual for us appartament, planning over a million deals for a future year, that was certainly supposed to become really special, cause it was our first year with one surname. 2015 flew like a hurricane, like a moment, but was so emotional, so beautiful and visual, that we decided to round it up in this video. Have a look at the best, what happened to us in 2015. The coolest in it is that there’re still moments we haven’t shown yet, which means we are taking the best parts of 2015 with us to 2016. And don’t forget to switch to the best quality, Maldives are worth it:)

  • Kind of the main question for me lately:) You might have noticed, that we really sucked with updates the previous month. All because of my new job + a huge freelance tast for a text as big as 150 000 symbols. I’m soooo sleepy now! And at the same time I’m really eager to share those 50 shootings, made in Singapour, Finland, Czech, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Maldives, Latvia, that we still keep all for ourselves. So it was just the right time to find ot what really helpes me to keep going and update blog despite of being too tired? Here they are, my main motivators!

  • 1905 was the year when the first Laurin&Klement auto left the factory in Mlada-Boleslav, more famous as Skoda nowadays. A Voiturette weighted about half a tonne and had a speed up to 40 km/h. Also it was ver loud:)

    As far as you could have already understood, today I’m going to show you some retro autos by Skoda. Girls, trust me, it’s even better than a vintage! I’ll do my best to present the history step by step, starting with this absolutely adorable little one, of course! 

  • October 2015 is a starting point for a a new Skoda Superb sales in Russia. The familiar car now got a sharper and more prestigious design as well as many additional options (like cruise control, tracking system, system of a driver fatigue control, climate control for 3 zones and a multimedia system, that works perfectly with Apple and Android smartphones), saying nothing about some luxury details like panoramic roof, umbrella holders in front doors and a LED flashlight.

    Traditionally, this upgrade preceded by a long tizer campaign and huge events in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. But today we finally want to show you how this Skoda Superb 2015 actually looks like and what it’s like to drive in it.

    We had a chance to test Skoda Superb 2015 in Czech, during a huge test-drive, where almost 50 journalists and bloggers from Russia took part in.

  • The best morning is when a golden sun, that brightens up beautiful red roofs, can be seen from your hotel room window. And that is exactly wha you get while staying in 5 stars Augustine just next to the Valdshtein garden and Karlov Bridge. And by the way, an amazing location is not even the greatest advantage of this place. And what is? Of course, it’s breathtaking history, dated back at XIII century!

  • Seems like all those dressing up’s are becoming a big part of my blog: romantic style of “Downton Abbey” in Czech to begin with and a traditional Oktoberfest fun in Munich afterwards… Could I ever imagine, that I would love it so much? But anyway, it was just impossible to skip dressing in a wonderful gown while enjoying Millennium Park (Novorijskoe avenue, 19 km) fall celebration. Do you agree?

  • CarsOur works

    90 years later: Skoda 110

    by Kseniia

    In a year 1925 on a Laurin&Klement factory, that was going through a great connection with a Skoda concern at that moment, in Czech city of Mlada-Boleslav a new car was made. It appeared to be a true symbol of that period in a brand history, cause had two names on it: “Laurin&Klement” on a radiator enclosure and “Skoda” – a little higher. Isn’t it just a perfect moment to produce such car, when the world itself was in a middle of going from the new to the newest age of history?

    We had a chance to get know it better during our trip to Czech with Skoda this summer. Old cars of the brand were waiting for us in a romantic Loucen castle. 

  • So, here is, my dears, how it usually works – whenever you don’t pay the fee, angry guys take your home away. And we missed the time to pay for thestylejungle.ru server, that’s why you’ve seen strange texts here insread of new post for a couple of days. But I received a chance to look through LiveJournal at last, as a result – here is my personal favorites among travel-bloggers.

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