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Fall: new Fashion 2 Customer collection

by Kseniia

Hi, my dears! This is our first meeting this fall and I wonder what I feel more – happyness because of the reason of this post or sorry for being silent for so long. But let’s begin with the first one – yet in April we shooted outfit from fall collections of Fashion 2 Customer show-room in New York. And the last 4 months were like a hell for me, cause I just couldn’t wait for so long to show you the results! I have no idea how models can wait for their campaigns for half a year! Or designers who are not only waiting for the season but even for their show before that? Or fabrics designers, who even have to wait for designers to pick their fabrics before that? It must be the most torturing job on the world!

But now I present the coolest and most comfortable fall clothes with great pleasure!

Do you remember, we have already showed this show-room clothes once? Since then they have rown up in their assortment. Now they have following brands: BLEND, BLEND She, ICHI, B.Young, Casual Friday by Blend, and those that are premium ones – Bruuns Bazaar, BZR. Each of this brands has several lines (men’s ones as well). So this year guys moves from the small show-room on Danilovskaya manufactura into the really huge one with panoramic windows on “Arma”. And thanks to large franshise net you can find their brands almost everywhere in Russia. You better check your city here.
For New York we picked an outfit that is in my opinion ideal for this city (though I still never have seen a true fall in NY – that two hot weeks in September 4 years ago don’t count), but that is how I prefer to think of it: comfortable, but not borring, with warm colors and soft fabrics.
God, I now look through this photos and want to cry. Why on Earth can you only love NYC from a distance? Being there I always feel so small and unimportant. But when being away, all I want is to get back there.
Photo and video: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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