The best spring-summer collections by latvian (and not only) designers

12.01.2016 BY

Hands up those of you, who also think, that spring should come immediately after the New Year night! But as soon as instead of the first flowers and International Woman's Day gifts we only have a freezing cold, that gets only worse, let's at least imagine, what would we wear next season. Moreover, most of the spring collections will be in stock in February already, which is really very soon! I've chosen the most stylish and convincing collections from those, shown on Riga Fashion Week. And it turned to be an international top! 

Of course, this TOP is all about my taste, but if you're also a fan of everything connected with minimalism, sporty style and trying on men's clothes, you wil definitely love it as well. And by the way, sorry for the photos! You know, I'm not good in it and taking runway photos is even more difficult for me. But I did my best:) 


I understood, that this collection pretends to be a leader,  as soon as a first model stepped on a runway. She was dressed in a fantastic costume just like a prison uniform (though the lines were vertical, not horizontal), decorated by a funny prints of artichokes, chilis and other veggies. What a fashion salad! I'm sure, clothes like that would be a complete hit among streetstyle photographers on fashion weeks.

And it became even more intresting in a few minutes. Models with a complicated hairstyles inspired by a japan culture were demonstrating dresses, overalls and pijamas made as an origami, that looked really creative and unusual. I can imagine, how hard it was to do all that, working with a fabric, not with a paper. 

Dace Bahmann

Are you looking for a perfect summer collection? I have found one already! L'Officiel Latvia editor and designer Dace created those easy-breezy, light, inspired by sport clothes, items in pastel and white colors with neon accents. Young girls will totally love them! As well as adults, who just don't want to turn into grandmas yet. She combines silk and leather, making them look unexpectedly routinely (in a best meaning of this word). 

I follow this brand since it was still named BeCarousell and Dace was working for Cosmo. During the first seasons I was pretty sure, that all the talks around her are a little exaggerated. But this time I literally  couldn't get enough of her, which really means a lot, when talking about RFW, trust me. Cause local designers have that strange habbit to show so much clothes, that you get bored faster, than they only get to the middle of the show. But this time everything was thought through perfectly! 


Despite naming men's wardrobe as a source of an inspiration, all I can think about now are those magical silk gowns, so romantic, so playful.

Julia Sardykova, brand's designer and a very positive person, is a true star here. She debuted in 2013, being awarded as "The best debut of the year" by Baltic Fashion Federation. Since then she only grew higher. This time there were so many people on her show, that a giant hall could hardly have fittet everyone.


Ukranian guest showed a minimalistic collection with simple silhouettes. She was inspired by water, fire, earth and air, but the leading part was all about water to my mind. May be, because of those flowing fabrics or  delicate graphic prints in all shades of blue and grey. And my personal thank goes to Elena's amazing coats (especially the one with the black-and-white details). 

Guess, it's a great time to add some hair accessories to a wardrobe. Agree? 

Deeply Personal

My personal greatest surprise of the fashion week. It was the first show for the brand, though they already visited several international exhibitions and were mentioned in Vogue Italia. Like a theater starts from a wardrobe, this show started with lookbooks, that were laying on our chairs. I was so impressed by those stylish images, that even took the lookbook with me. May be will show it a little later! Of course, I was waiting for the show with the greatest impatience after such a great start.

The clothes full of irony will suit those, who nornaly move a lot during the day, drive from one place to another, switch roles. They are spectacular and universal and all because Elina mixes male and female, easily adding handcrafted prints by London-based graphic designer to this fashion cocktail. 

Anna LED

Anna Ledskalnina's fashion shows are always a greatest pleasure for me. They remind me of my another favorite designer Oleg Biryukov from Saint-Peterburg (may be, because they are friends and he always visits her shows?:) ). A few seasons ago I visited her studio and had a chance to have a look on how responsibly and hard-working she is. 

This time she paid the greatest attention to linen. Can't stop thinking of that wonderful dress in 3 colors, that looks like it somehow occasionaly caught on the shoulders and now tries to escape while you walk.  

Zulfiya Sulton

I was honestly doing my best to stay objective, but just couldn't not to support Zulfiya, who is also from Uzbekistan. She is becoming really successful and have showed her collection in Moscow just before the Riga Fashion Week.

Of course, I was expecting etnics and a lot of adras without any tribute to trends and wearability. But Zulfiya elevated traditions to the modern style clothes and evening dresses, that may not be that practical, but are really amazing and impressive!

And which collection did you like the most?

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The best collection of spring-summer:
Dace Bahmann
Deeply Personal
Anna LED
Zulfiya Sulton
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