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February 2015

  • My dears, we have never ever yet done anything like that before, so read this post immediately! Make Up For Ever are setting brand new primers Step 1 Skin Equalizer in March. I already use them and they are absolutely fantastic. But this time you won’t have to wait for them in your local store or feel cheated if they never arrive after reading this post.

    Together with MUFE we decided to give 5 of my readers an opportunity to try them first. Just describe in comments here or in my LiveJournal blog your skin type, what problems or benefits you have. We will choose five lucky girls and send them primers directly to home! For free, of course:) And that is not a joke! о

    Why don’t you dare to reject?

  • Travel

    Pereslavl-Zalesskiy Monasteries

    by Kseniia

    I feel like totally addicted to my blog. Only two days passed since I was here last time and I already miss blog and you soooo much! And we left, because we had a small journey together with Volkswagen Tiguan. I will tell about the car a bit later, now it’s time for some really outstanding photos from Pereslavl-Zalesskiy.

  • Video

    Arkhangelskoe Palace from above (video included)

    by Kseniia

    Last couple of days are full of sun here in Moscow, so we couldn’t miss such a wonderful chance. Alesha wanted to shoot Arkhangelskoe for a long time, because this place is really special for him – he has spend his childhood here, which I can hardly believe in! Almost a royal person. And I only visited this place when we already started dating. Shame on me! But it’s that case, when the past is not really important, what is more vital is that today we both are fond of coming here.

  • ArticlesTravel

    World best hotels (my very personal top)

    by Kseniia

    I’m definitely not a crazy traveler. Especially after knowing that there are people like that blogger, whom we together traveled with last time, been only to Finland for 54 (54!!!) times. But being really far from his records makes me feel everything more like a first time, agree?

    That is why I want to share my personal best hotels all over the world TOP. Those are just the places I realy loved during my stay. And those I can 100% recommend (or even insist on) for a visit.

  • I’m sure that boring posts earlier or later make not only readers but bloggers themselves feel tired from that blog. Recently we were looking through our favorite bloggers and realized that many of them were already done with blogging. Can you imagine that? To not be tired from your hobby, you should always try something new. New themes, new inspiration sources. Or, as we do, – new possibilities. New gadgets and the possibilities they are giving were always inspiring us to go on, to improve our quality. That is why last summer we bought DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ – flying camera, giving us way new views in photos and videos.

    Since then we’ve been friquently asked if it was worth it and if it’s difficult to fly with?

  • Travel

    My first ever six stars: Tschuggen Grand Hotel

    by Kseniia

    Я сегодня уставшая и злая, так что, вопреки сложившейся традиции, сначала напишу в блог, а потом вернусь к сайту. Рассказывать я сегодня буду об одном из самых классных отелей, где я когда-либо останавливалась, так что это точно должно улучшить настроение:) Заодно хоть разок и закончу в приличное время! Вы, вот, кстати, обычно когда мои публикации читаете, утром или вечером? Я все время думаю, стоит ли как-то подстроить график поудобнее или все хорошо? Буду ждать ваших советов в комментариях, а пока вернусь к отелю:)

  • FashionLifestyle

    To dream or to act

    by Kseniia

    I always believed and will believe that we are the only responsible for our destiny. Neither accidents, genes, nor stars can spoil it. And if they only thry, we will immediately fix everything!:) The only difficulty is that they are trying so hard, that are forcing us to forget who is the boss here.

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