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To dream or to act

by Kseniia

I always believed and will believe that we are the only responsible for our destiny. Neither accidents, genes, nor stars can spoil it. And if they only thry, we will immediately fix everything!:) The only difficulty is that they are trying so hard, that are forcing us to forget who is the boss here.

There are really epic things are happening in our live now! So many adventures, plans and ideas are yet to come. Our year is already almost booked. Everything we could only dream about is suddenly coming true. And all I had to do to receive all that is to stop for a second and to ask myself, if I was living the life I always wanted? Perhaps, that Tel-Aviv beach also helped me to find the right solution. We spent more than 3 hours there, just eating croissants and chatting with Anya. And how wonderful was the life around us! Some youg people were learning to do tricks on a rope, a French girl, that moved to Tel-Aviv to learn language, was teaching her dog, an old man was doing yoga and even swimming afterwards! They all were so happy to do what they’ve been doing, they really enjoyed every second! And I suddenly understood: I should stop being jealous, stop dreaming about the life like that. I can also be as happy and to live my personl perfect life. I only have to always remind myself about that!

And you know, what? When I only realized it, the world around started to change! Just don’t you dare, my dears, to ever forget that world smiles to those only, who smile back. And next time, instead of being angry on a neighbors dog, awful coffee or your “common” life just stop and remind yourself about your relatives, about that evening in cafe together with friends, about the difficult dessert you mastered to a new level, about an interesting book that is waiting for you on a bookshelf. And understand at last, that your life is only as perfect, as you make it!

Be happy! And don’t forget to spread the happiness!:)

I’m wearing:

Blouse and backpack Sela
Jeans United Colors of Benetton
Heels Next.com.ru
Necklace OASAP

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