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All Switzerland posts

by Kseniia

I wonder, if I will ever be able to overcome this excitement about everything out of Switzerland? I thought, I only had to visit another country to switch my admiration, but those wonderful mountains learned to share place in my heart with any wonderful corner on Earth. So I couldn’t be more upset, than today, knowing that I already shared all the posts I made during my short trip:(

Yes, I really showed everything I had. But didn’t managed to show even one percent of everyhing beautiful and amazing waiting for you in Switzerland. So let’s look through all the posts and imagine evrything left out of photos and videos.


  1. Winter paradise in Arosa (Switzerland)
  2. Video from Arosa (which is in Switzerland)
  3. My first six stars hotel: Tschuggen Grand Hotel


  1. Hotel Carlton in St.Moritz. Meet Nikolay II
  2. Video about St.Moritz (and luxury stores)
  3. Evening amd morning St.Moritz: fairy and reality

A little bit more of Switzerland

Switzerland from the window

I hope you liked those posts. If any of you have been to this wonderful country or is wishing to go, let’s discuss emotions and dreams!:)

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