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August 2015

  • My dear friends, today I want to show you something really special! A couple of days ago I suddenly received a secret parcel. We spent some time, trying to guess what could be inside the box that weights only 300 gramms:) But nothing was even near!

    Any ideas what was inside?

  • Many people don’t get why are we so addicted to car travels. But when you only seen the world from the car window, you immediately understand, that there is no better way to fall in love with it. Czech from this side is all about amazing pastoral views, that give you harmony and piece, neat villages with a mandatory breweries, where elderly people ride segways, and here you finally understand what really matters in this life, also about marvelous trdelnik smell and 160 km/hour to skip extra calories:)

    I suppose, people should visit Czech exactly for this – rashy, always too short, but oh so emotional autojourney. And thanks to Skoda I could share my this summer journey with Alesha.

  • Visit another side of Earth to find out you really miss all those classes, exams, libraries, long courseworks and vacations? That is so me! But how could you not catch the “study fever”, when schools in Singapore feel like home? The country that only celebrates 50 years of history (pre-historical period of colony doesn’t counts!) is pretty much concerned by its education and puts all the best and creative in this part of life. That’s why local libraries look more like archive from “Men in Black”, school yards are decorated by small lakes for meditation and all people from all over the world want is to become a part of this wonderful, ultra modern and highly professional life.

    I was lucky to visit 2 of Singapore famous schools: french business school INSEAD with one of the world’s best MBA course, and LASALLE – College of the Arts that can make any person really creative:) I will show the second one in details today.

  • What a news! Recently I’ve received lates copy of Office Magazine (july – august 2015) with a page devoted to me and my travel wardrobe. Sooo nice! And because of that I just can’t not to show you all the shooting we made for this article.

  • ArticlesTravel

    Happy Birthday, Abramtsevo!

    by Kseniia

    С каждым днем я все больше убеждаюсь, что для того, чтобы сменить обстановку, увидеть что-то новое (и прекрасное), вовсе не обязательно далеко ехать. В одной только нашей московской области можно открывать новые и новые места практически до бесконечности – столько тут памятных уголков! В эти выходные мы впервые побывали в музее-усадьбе Абрамцево, что под Сергиевым-Посадом. И не просто так, а потому, что сегодня, 11-го августа, музей празднует свой 95-летний юбилей. Чем не повод для репортажа?

  • Travel

    Once again about Finland from above

    by Kseniia

    I promise, you’ll have a chance to look at Finland’s nature and lake vacation opportunities from normal angles really soon, but now let’s enjoy the sky views once more. Don’t they have that special magin in them? Today we will show you some picturesque places nearby Saimaa lake how only birds see them.

  • FoodTravel

    30 photos to make you feel hungry

    by Kseniia

    Did you know, that calories, eaten on weekends, don’t count?:) Oh yes, it’s true! That’s why I can’t stop myself from showing you some mouthwatering pictures of delicatessen I had a chance to try during my trip to Singapore in the beginning of the summer (oh, mama mia, it was so long ago! I wish this August could last forever…).

    To begin with, local food is just as crazy fusion of everything, as the country itself here: haute cuisine from Europe is followed by a tiny asian street food shops, American burgers are being cooked by Italian chefs and an ice cream is made of beans. Interested? OK, so look inside this post!

  • Don’t forget, that it’s better to watch this video in best quality (search for a button in a right bottom part of player)!

    To tell you the truth, I planned to post this video tomorrow, but somehow my body refused to take a nap (let’s see what my brain will think about it tomorrow at 10 in the morning during the first meeting!), so, my dear midnight guests, let’s meditate on this peaceful video with a beautiful Saimaa lake nature in Finland together. And hope for happy and colorful dreams:)

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