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All roads lead to. Riga’s Old Town

by Kseniia

Speaking about Riga’s Old Town, I can only be sure in two things: you want to get back there again and again, and it’s impossible to navigate here:) Well, yes, you might say, that you can easily find your way from point A to point B in Old Town and so do I. But just because I memorize streets and buildings and not because I have a map in my head. There is just no logic:) Amazingly cozy Old Town firstly appeared in XIII century and turned to be a wonderful mixture of walls, yards, tiny churches and giant cathedrals, as well as narrow streets.

I’ve spent a lot of hours in this place last fall. Firstly, because you just don’t want to go anywhere else, when you live here:) And secondly, because being here is just like filming your own movie every other second. One moment you walk into a small coffeeshop to grab a drink and suddenly imagine it to be your university cafe and barista – your friend. In a minute you’re already joking about how many cookies you eat per day. Ist’s just a tiny moment of your life, but so full of emotions and fun! Imagining all these stories is not a consequence of you trying to escape from yourself, it’s just because Old Town is so inspiring, creative place, you just can’t stay indifferent. 

It goes without saying, I have my own favorite spot in here. And it couldn’t be more obvious. I’m talking about Dome square. It will now forever remind me of this shooting. There are a lot of beautiful cafes allways full with tourists here, also there is that unusual narrow building, fantastic painting on a wall and always happy musicians. Every thime I’m here, I somehow feel myself absolutely happy. Do you know that amazing feeling, when life is great and you suddenly start to smile no matter what?:) Looks like, this place with 8 centuries history, has no past and no future, only this very moment, full of joy. 

Don’t you believe me? Just have a look!


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