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Flying over Maldives

by Alex

In year 2015 we had a chance to test a lot of different types of transport. And while there is nothing new in a car or an airplane, but a cruise ship or, let’s say, a hydroplane can be really surprising! Today I’m going to show you, what is it like – to fly over Maldives on this cute planes.

Maldives are very unusual. Each hotel here is located on a separate island, that can be kilometers away from the nearest one. Of course, you can take a boat to get everywhere, but that is not an option for those people, who suffer from seasickness or just don’t want to wast their time. That’s why they organized local airlines, that do not need airports. 

Don’t look for a taxi as soon as you land in a local airport, cause all you will find is one more terminal, that was built for local airlines. Each hotel has its own desk here, so that you will get help with checking-in and getting to your holiday destination. Maldivian Airlines have 3 terminals and you will get there by bus. Just have a look at your ticket to find out your stop number and your departure time. Don’t worry, it will only take you 5 minutes to get to the terminal. 

Besides traditional waiting hall, there are also different lounge-zones of Maldivian hotels. You can have a rest on a sofa, have a snack or a cocktail there. Oh, and there also was a smoking balcony with a perfect view to the take-off area. 

In a few minutes prior landing tourists do get into the bus again to arrive closer to a plane. A crew inside consists of three people. They help with the luggage and getting inside a cabin. There are around 20 places inside, normaly they look like small sofas for two. It’s very hot inside and you can easily notice a strong fuel smell. But it doesn’t bother you during the flight. 

A local flight can last for 30-60 minutes and each second you can see some part of a coralreefs, crystal water and clouds underneath. It’s easy to take pictures or just enjoy the view. 

A flight is really confortable. First of all, because it feels safer, when there is only water around. And secondly, because of the small height. And lastly, there is almost no shake inside! Just like a public transport, but only 700 meter far from the ground:) 

Hydroplanes land on water. The process is so mild, even during the storm! When passengers leave the plane, they are offered to take a small boat to an island, where they’re going to stay during their holiday.  


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