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“Aptekarskij ogorod” excursion. Orchids’ greenhouse

by Kseniia

If you remember, this Friday I asked to guess where I was via my Instagram account (@thestylejungle). So, here’s the answer, wich I was so fancy to show you that didn’t even went to slip before the photos were ready. At that day me and Alesha had a wonderful adventure that I couldn’t even imagine. We went to "Aptekarskij ogorod" to see the orchids and succulents and had a personal excursion with the main agronomist Anton Pavlovitch before the exhibition even opened to visitors! How cool is that? I was fascinated by everything he told us about flowers, it was really very interesting! I feel like I even got a bit more educated now:)

It goes without saying, that I coldn’t resist to take some photos with such an inspiring background. And Charuel online store was a real help in that. In my black snake skin printed dress I felt as a real snake, dangerous and invisible. Though Alesha thinks I looked more like Jacqueline Kennedy.

And what about you?:)






Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

I’m wearing:

Dress Charuel
Shoes Prada
Bag TUA Braccialini       
Glasses GAP
Ring Swarovski

Alesha wears:

Pullover H&M
Sneakers Lacoste

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