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What’s new on theStyleJungle.ru?

by Kseniia

Dear friends, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates this month. While not producing new posts, I was busy working on technical improvement of my blog with my beloved team. Some of them you’ve probably noticed already, but all in all I believe now it’s the best time for a small review of what was done recently.

You know, I’m a fan of structuring, so I couldn’t resist to devide all the updates into several categories. Somehow it feels right that way, don’t you agree?

So, what’s new on theStyleJungle in January:

For readers:

First (and the most important, in my oppinion) improvement is the English version of the blog! You can easily switch languages just pushing on an icon in a right corner. For those who read my blog not from russian speaking countries, English version opens automatically.

And please don’t forget to subscribe for a newsletter. It’s send each Friday, so you can easily keep updated.

For partners:

Now you can easily check all the statistics needed! In the right column you can find the number of visitors since the first of January.

And each post is also provided with the number of visitors and their likes.

The next update we actually made in December, but I still feel necessity to remind about it. Besides banners in right column and under the first post our beloved partners can also go for a beautiful branding!

For everybody:

My secret pleasure – flickering border🙂 Not as important as the previous updates, but just try to look through all the colors. It can take all my day, honestly:)

Moreover we have some new really cool tricks for the outfit posts. But let me keep a small secret for now. We will reveal them sooner than you can imagine, because Alesha just bought some new great devices for photoshoots and I’m dying to try them all. So be patient and stay tunned!


By the way, all that would simply be impossible without my great team: programmer Denis Avgustinovskiy and Alexey Spodyneyko (you all know him well, I guess). And without our dear partners, for sure. Thanks for your trust!

Ok, I don’t own any rights for the first photo, but couldn’t think of anything better.

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