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BMW X3 – Day 3

by Alex

MILEAGE: 121.3 km

After a very busy day yesterday, today was a little bit more relaxed. I wasn’t able to stay at home and chill on a sofa (there is no rest for the wicked) because I had several meetings around the town and, of course, because I need to drive the X3 as much as I can to explore its features. I love driving and BMW makes my life much easier with all the comfort of using smart features like head-up display, speed limit assist, lane control assistant, parking assistant (panorama view is one of my favourite things ever) and crossing traffic warning to name a few. When you have meetings in the city centre where parking spaces are limited and traffic is heavy, these smart features can save you quite a lot of time.

Tomorrow I want to talk to you about the specs of this BMW X3. I will also show you pictures from the first photo session which I teased a day before. So make sure to come back tomorrow! I’ll be also extremely pleased to see you on my Instagram page.

See you tomorrow!

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