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BMW X3 – Day 2

by Alex

MILEAGE: 108.5 km

Today was full of emotions and adventures!

Our new BMW X3 was an absolute showstopper everywhere we’ve been. People like it’s colour (BTW it’s called Phytonic Blue) and cool M Package that makes this car look sporty. In heat like we have in Tauranga at the moment, remote ventilation activation is an absolute lifesaver. I’m still exploring the features of the BMW Connected App (more on it in the next posts) and the possibility to control the climate remotely is one of my favourite functions so far.

A friend of mine had a very first skydive in her life! She was waiting for it for a couple of months and the excitement was building up since then. And today finally was THE day. I’m so happy she has done that skydiving session and made one of her dreams come true. That’s very exciting!

After spending our morning watching sky diving, we had a great time walking around the city centre in a relaxed mode when you don’t have to carry a beefy camera with you and take pictures like crazy. That was so different from what I’m used to and I enjoyed the views and the great weather we were lucky to have on Waitangi Day.

We also had an amazing time after lunch with new friends of ours who just moved to Tauranga yesterday. It was nice to show them around and visit some of our favourite spots like Mount Maunganui Beach, Pilot Bay, McLaren Falls and Tauranga CBD.

What a wonderful day it was! Can’t wait to explore more features of the new BMW X3 and share my experience with you guys! Follow our adventures and watch backstage footage on Instagram. And if you have questions about the car or this project, feel free to send me a DM or comment one of my recent pictures.

See you tomorrow!

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