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BMW X3 – Days 5-6

by Kseniia

MILEAGE: 294.8 km

The first weekend with our new BMW X3 we decided to spend driving around the Bay Of Plenty and exploring its beautiful waterfalls. We drove more than 100 km and tried the car on different road types: in a city, on a highway, on country roads and gravel roads. I’m not surprised that the X3 performs well on any kind of roads but I’m really impressed with how smooth the suspension works on gravel. This car has 21-inch wheels which may sound like the opposite to smoothness but adaptive suspension makes every trip on this vehicle super comfortable.

We explored 3 waterfalls around Western Bay Of Plenty: Whataroa Falls, Raparapahoe Falls and Kaiate Falls. It was great to try the navigation system paired with BMW Connected App. I entered all destinations on my smartphone from home and sent them through to the car using this app. So all I had to do is to pick the desired destination from the car’s infotainment system and start guidance.

Today marks the end of our first week with BMW X3. I want to take an opportunity and remind you of interesting posts we created this week:
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See you next week!

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