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  • The fact that March now means fall and not spring still sounds crazy to me. But the fact, that both seasons require approximately the same clothes makes the change a bit easier. If you’re still in search for the best items to get yourself ready for the next season, I have some good news:) Starting this Friday Autumn collection by my favorite local brand Home-Lee hits the stores (and online shop) and here is my choice of the three amazing outfits to fit all needs and occasions.

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    Simple things

    by Kseniia

    Sometimes you just don’t feel like dressing up, but can’t allow yourself to wander around in your PJs at the same time. What would you choose for the days like these? I’m all about my let’s_pretend_leather shorts lately and I absolutely love this simple white T-shirt I got at ROMWE recently.

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    Magical sunset in Tauranga

    by Kseniia

    “Don’t take it for granted” – that was the name of my article in the latest UNO. magazine issue. And you know what? We really DO take so much for granted, that tend to think our life is boring and ordinary, when really it is exciting and worth being happy every day.

  • I have no idea what can the beauty of Langkawi island in Malaysia be compared with. It’s a pure explosion of colors, layered cake of trees and plants from different periods, inhabited by amazing colorful birds and cute monkeys with hungry eyes, it’s white sand and beautiful houses, that fit into a local nature so organically as if they grew directly from the earth, and amazing sky above all that, that can be meditative and calm or crazy and angry.

    Every journey is a great chance to get beautiful photos, that you will look through with pleasure long after the vacations. And Langkawi looks like it was made for photoshoots. The best part is that you don’t even have to look for the spots for too long. For example, most of my photos for this article were made in Four Seasons Langkawi. 

    Can you believe, that this trip was the first one for me to wear ALL the clothes I packed? So, I suppose, it’s a perfect reason to show, what will you need in Malaysia to not only feel comfy, but also take some outstanding photos.

  • Чтобы прочитать запись на русском (что, конечно, будет подробнее и интереснее!), кликните на иконку с флажком на панели меню.

    In the begining of April we’ve visited Riga Fashion Week once again. Of course, within the years of our friendship with this event, both of us have already chosen our own favorites, but we’re also always ready for a new discoveries. What was so special in fall-winter 2016 collections? We decided to show it in a new way – sharing each his own opinion. Let’s see, if husband and wife do always have the same point of view?

  • Hey, dears! While you’re watching this sunny photos from Egypt (can you imagine, how hot it was there, that I could hardly survive in this sweater?), we’re on our way to snowy wonderland of Finland. Don’t forget, that our first daily vlog experiment is ahead! Please, subscribe to our chanel and, starting from the 14th of February, we will post a video per day befor 10 AM. We won’t publish them here, so will wait for your comments under the videos on YouTube! I truly believe, that honest videos like that are the best way to explore the country without actually being there. Do you, guys, agree?

  • Hands up those of you, who also think, that spring should come immediately after the New Year night! But as soon as instead of the first flowers and International Woman’s Day gifts we only have a freezing cold, that gets only worse, let’s at least imagine, what would we wear next season. Moreover, most of the spring collections will be in stock in February already, which is really very soon! I’ve chosen the most stylish and convincing collections from those, shown on Riga Fashion Week. And it turned to be an international top! 

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    Cozy winter with ASOS: Bublik cafe

    by Kseniia

    What a foodie days we are having lately in blog! Well, that’s the way Russian winter behaves. All you’re able to do is to run from home to a car and from a car to yet another cup of ginger coffee only to run back afterwards. Summer was made for long walks and adventures and the only winter adventure is to suddenly choose porridge instead of pancakes. What a crazy decision!:) Honestly, I was ready to stop after that tasty guide to Riga, but ASOS suddenly came up with an outstanding and creative project: to make maps of warming places for winter in four capitals (Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris) with the help of local bloggers. Could we have missed it? 

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    Just a few hours before 2016

    by Kseniia

    It’s really hard to believe, that we’re about to seat around the table with family, salads (mine – without meat!) and presents. It’s really hard to believe, that a year had pased since we were spending holidays with Alesha in our new, a bit yet unusual for us appartament, planning over a million deals for a future year, that was certainly supposed to become really special, cause it was our first year with one surname. 2015 flew like a hurricane, like a moment, but was so emotional, so beautiful and visual, that we decided to round it up in this video. Have a look at the best, what happened to us in 2015. The coolest in it is that there’re still moments we haven’t shown yet, which means we are taking the best parts of 2015 with us to 2016. And don’t forget to switch to the best quality, Maldives are worth it:)

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